Be wary of the Nazi network expanding to Adelaide

The Melbourne-based neo-Nazi group, which vowed to bring about the “White Revolution,” sounded a warning after expanding its presence to Adelaide.

The Nazi salute network, which openly describes Aboriginal people as “subhuman and monkeys,” posted photos of eight members raising flags during a salute to Hitler in the South Australian capital.

All the members were dressed in black and had balaclavas on their faces.

Neo-Nazi Group Jacob Hersant has confirmed to NCA NewsWire that it is active not only in Adelaide, but also in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and several local cities.

However, he did not reveal how many members or associates the group had.

He said that by expanding across the country, members would eventually want to “survive as a free and clear country” by strengthening their communities and numbers.

Human rights advocates told NCA NewsWire that they were concerned that the recent language of the white supremacist group was becoming more “radical.”

When asked about the group, South Australian police said they had always performed some degree of surveillance of individuals or groups whose information indicates that there is a potential risk or harm to the safety of the South Australian community.

ASIO said the far-right group and individuals represent a serious, increasing and evolving threat to security, and the 2019 Christchurch tragedy is a prominent example.

The group said it is intensifying more and more young Australians-some barely in their teens-and Islamic extremists were ASIO’s greatest concern, but what is the extreme and violent right wing? I was in that view for ten years.

A National Security Agency spokesperson said he is devoting additional resources to the evolving threat of the right-wing group.

“It represents an increasing rate of our priority anti-terrorism case load,” they said.

“Unfortunately, the far right group is more organized, sophisticated and security conscious than before.

“These groups are becoming more and more ideological, more aware of and committed to certain doctrines, philosophies and views. Many of them endorse or admire violence.

“They are drawn from a variety of ideas and attract young members who show few obvious signs of extremist ideology.”

Dvir Abramovich, chair of the Anti-Defamation Commission, which first published the National Socialist Network, told NCA NewsWire that expanding the group should serve as a wake-up call that racism and extremism are very much alive in Australia. ..

“Hatred is fully demonstrated. We must use all means to eradicate these evil groups,” said Dr. Abramovich.

“At any given time, the ugly rhetoric spit out by these Hitler worshipers is deadly in the real world, especially as they praise and inspire the” heroes “or” martyrs “who carried out the slaughter. There is a possibility of crossing the line in the attack.

“A fairly excited, angry, and boldly growing white supremacist is conducting a national campaign of harassment, expanding their base and threatening to recruit new members for dangerous purposes. There is no doubt that it is strengthening. “

Australian Federal Police said politically motivated extremism was on the rise.

“This is a concern for AFP, law enforcement and national security partners. AFP takes all extremist groups seriously and targets criminals and criminal activity, not ideology or background.” The spokesman said.

On its website, the National Socialist Network said it would never use or defend violence or terrorism to facilitate their movement.

Place of originBe wary of the Nazi network expanding to Adelaide

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