Ben shouts albury baozi bread at Junior Master Chef

Albury, a provincial city in New South Wales, Junior Master Chef After last night, fan favorite Ben was in a hurry to find Chinese street food baozi bread there.

Although there were pictures of other contestants like Salvo who were born in Italy, lived internationally and were inspired, Ben provided as much enthusiasm to our own Albury.

In the second round of elimination on Wednesday, Ben took 60 minutes to cook a dish that he could eat with his hands, chopsticks and a spoon. I decided to make it. “It was last year, so I went to Albury, went out for dinner, and ate baozi. so Since then, Ben has said he has mastered cooking. “If something saves me, it’s definitely these baozi.”

Asked when tasting whether his baozi is comparable to that of the Olbury restaurant, he said he was “10 times better” and the judges said his confidence and his big smile (baozi). (Not to mention itself) was definitely appreciated! Learn how to make Ben’s Baozi bread here.

Early in the episode, Ben also proved to be a friendly and adorable king talking about how his strategy was with the Immunity Gong. Laura and Dev gained the opportunity to bang it at the season premiere, and in the face of possible exclusion, Laura chose to use it before the Round 2 cook.

But Ben was confused by her move. “If I had a gong, I went and attacked. chef After putting it in the pantry and eating all the chocolate, hit the gong and go safely. Ben, that’s a genius-level mindset.

I am very happy to meet Ben for at least another week.

Ben shouts albury baozi bread at Junior Master Chef

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