Ben Simmons Podcast Boston Celtics Criticism Ruined NBA Star, Brooklyn Nets News

Ben Simmons has bare his soul like never before after spending 15 months in the wilds of the NBA.

The Australian star tackles all of his most controversial episodes in a new podcast appearance released Friday morning (AEST).

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Simmons was the guest of former 76ers teammate JJ Reddick. old man and three Appearing on a podcast, he revealed how much criticism has affected him over the course of his career.

Simmons has had a very public battle over his mental health in recent years after leaving Philadelphia, despite claims that Simmons, 26, was unable to play due to his mental health. A settlement was reached over his former team’s refusal to pay his $20 million salary. cause.

Simmons has now revealed how public ridicule over his shooting struggles from Eastern Conference rival Boston has sparked a snowball reaction to his downward spiral.

He said of the criticism:

“This adds up and I’m like, ‘They say I can’t do it. Shouldn’t I? I’m confused now.'”

“It’s done me a lot. But I’ve found some kind of peace in a place that I love, and that’s basketball.”

He also said of his criticism of the shooting:

“You hear it from everyone all the time. That’s one thing.I think people don’t respect it enough because there’s so much I’ve brought to court.

He said these mental demons were already on his mind before the infamous Eastern Conference playoff series game against Atlanta. The NBA World Is Still Confused About Why Players Have All Weapons collapsed in the postseason It’s so spectacular.

Simmons famously refused an open dunk in the fourth quarter of Game 7 to become a teammate. Joel Embiid and coach Doc Rivers seemingly threw him under the bus In the aftermath of their elimination.

Simmons said the reaction “killed me.”

“after that, [Hawks] Series, it’s like from the people you’re supposed to receive that support or that comfort from.

“Then mentally, it killed me. I was like I was in a dark place, I had no energy.

“The first thing for me was really recognizing that I had to get right. I think it’s a step.I need to deal with this.I need help in these areas.Being able to do that is the start to where I am now.I’m in a great place and now it’s I feel comfortable talking about

Simmons talks his side about layups.

Ben Simmons famously broke out of his shell in the final quarter of his Sixers career (a Game 7 loss to Atlanta), but nothing more than an open layup he turned down. He instead dropped a pass to Mathis Thybulle and the decisive bucket did not occur.

He now realizes he made a mistake.

It happened so fast that you just read on.

“At that moment, bro, that happened, and I was like, ‘OK, f***, now I have to make another play.’ That’s the way I’m thinking, and I didn’t realize it wasn’t that big of a deal how everyone was posting?”

“Looking at it now, I’m like, ‘I should have punched that bastard,'” Simmons said.

“But it didn’t happen and I was OK with it. I can accept it. I can put up with everyone trying to kill me in one play. It’s like we want to watch a movie together, like the whole arena, we can analyze everything if you want, but that’s just not realistic.”

Simmons was away from the 76ers all season to care for his mental health. Nets said Simmons was fine mentally I will play when I am physically fit.

Simmons deals with Brooklyn playoff no-show

Simmons was once again torn apart by NBA commentators for not playing for the Nets at all this year.

The commotion around Simmons exploded Brooklyn is 4-0 in the first round of the playoffs. Against Boston — a huge disappointment for a team with superstars like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Simmons, who joined the Nets from Philadelphia in February in a trade for James Harden, didn’t play at all last season. Firestorm after missing Game 4 against Celticstargeted that match as a comeback.

The Australian had been training for his comeback but missed the game as the team’s season ended early when he woke up with back pain the morning of the game.

NBA players and pundits sat down with Simmons unloaded.american sportscaster Stephen A. Smith did the most brutal SmackDownSimmons “may be the weakest, most pathetic excuse for professional athletes, not only in American history, but in the history of sports”.

He then underwent back surgery.

Simmons described his star-studded Nets team as “fillies on steroids.”

He has no doubts about his ability to make an impact on the Nets next season and believes his body is ready.

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Ben Simmons Podcast Boston Celtics Criticism Ruined NBA Star, Brooklyn Nets News

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