Beregikrian strengthens border warfare

Under the Queensland Government roadmap, New South Wales should last 28 days without recording cases of coronavirus with no known source for the reopening of the state border.

Mr. Beregikrian said he thought Queensland’s policy was “illogical.”

“Does that mean how much you don’t have faith in the health care system every time there is a community infection from an unknown source somewhere in the country you are trying to close the border again?” Asked.

The Prime Minister of New South Wales said he was increasingly concerned about the impact of border closures on mental health and work.

“After all, we are Australians. People have basic needs, people have basic desires, and people want hope for the future,” she said. ..


New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard talks to Beregikrian and says he is “constantly” contacted by “very sad” people trying to enter Queensland to meet their families. Stated.

“As the Minister of Health here in New South Wales, I’m beyond that. I think Prime Minister Parashek is political. She’s cruel.”

At her own press conference, Ms. Paraschuk said she was “extremely vigilant” about a new viral case in New South Wales, reflecting a statement made by Ms. Beregikrian on Wednesday.

“If the NSW Premier is very vigilant, it makes me very vigilant,” she said. “I want to see the day when the whole of Australia will be open, but to do that, we need to control the infection of the community.”

Ms. Beregikrian and Ms. Parashechuk usually attend biweekly national ministerial meetings. However, last Friday’s meeting was postponed due to the imminent federal budget at the time.

The National Cabinet will meet next October 16th.

Regarding the closure of the border with Victoria, Mr. Beregikrian said he would not reopen the border until the restrictions in the southern states were relaxed.

“The Victoria State Government imposes certain restrictions on citizens of the Victorian region, and it would be a bit of a contradiction if it goes further than the Victoria State Government did in terms of permits.” Mr. Beregikrian told ABC. News breakfast On thursday.

Victoria has recorded 11 new cases, including 4 new cases in the Victoria region, during the last 24-hour reporting period.

Mary Ward is a reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Stuart Layt covers the health, science and technology of Brisbane Times. He was previously a political reporter for AAP in Queensland.

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