Biden and DeSantis Strike Ceasefire Amid Disaster

Of course, all this could change, but when Hurricane Ian landed in Florida and destroyed much of the state, there was a ceasefire between two men who could fight each other for the presidency within two years. started.

Aerial photos show some of the damage from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida. credit:South Florida Sun-Sentinal/AP

But now is not the time and Florida is no place for bare politics.

As Biden pointed out yesterday, “This is not to say that our disagreements have anything to do with politics. This is about saving lives, homes and businesses.”

Few things test a leader like a natural disaster. For example, former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was ridiculed for going on vacation to Hawaii during the 2019 wildfire crisis. It wasn’t just the failure of the leadership itself, but the lack of transparency that surrounded it.

His vacation period has not been officially announced, and when asked by a journalist his office replied that he was not in Hawaii.

Scott Morrison's judgment was called into question over his Hawaii vacation during the wildfires.

Scott Morrison’s judgment was called into question over his Hawaii vacation during the

Trump was also criticized when he started throwing rolls of toilet paper at Puerto Ricans whose homes and lives were destroyed by Hurricane Maria in October 2017. Like Mr. Morrison’s Tropical Holiday, it encapsulated a lack of empathy and understanding of the plight of those who lost. so much.

Both Biden and DeSantis know their response to the disaster will determine how they can provide real support and leadership after Hurricane Ian unleashed its fury as a Category 4 storm this week. increase.

On the federal side, Biden wasted no time declaring Florida an emergency disaster declaration. This allowed federal funds and resources to surge to areas that could take months, if not years, to rebuild.

He also deployed what he calls “the largest team of search and rescue professionals in recent history.” This included the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Defense and National Guard, working with state and local first responders to find the most severely affected people. area.


On the state side, the government of DeSantis has set up hundreds of shelters for displaced persons, enlisted health agencies to evacuate patients from flooded hospitals, and restored power to nearly two million residents. sent workers door-to-door.

The wildly ambitious Republican also proved he could get past political strife, thanked Biden for his help, and said he “does the little things” when it comes to finding people trapped under floodwaters and wreckage. I don’t have time for that.”

It’s a refreshing change, but it may be temporary.

Biden and DeSantis Strike Ceasefire Amid Disaster

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