BigCommerce Announces Launch on Google Cloud Marketplace

BigCommerce has announced its launch on Google Cloud Marketplace. This makes it easier for global enterprise customers to modernize their e-commerce platforms to expand their audience reach and drive business growth.

“By opening our platform to businesses through the Google Cloud Marketplace, we are giving them powerful e-commerce tools that work within the Google Cloud ecosystem, reaching more people and increasing sales at every stage of their growth. Accelerate,” said Sharon Gee, vice president of revenue growth and general manager of omnichannel. partnership.

“Organizations on Google Cloud now have the freedom to customize and build solutions that work best for their unique business needs. We can gather meaningful insights more easily and efficiently,” she says.

With BigCommerce, businesses on Google Cloud have direct access to pre-built integrations with key Google Cloud products and Google Cloud Marketplace partner apps and services for omnichannel growth, faster time to value, It can help reduce TCO while providing a path to decommissioning Google. Cloud commitment costs.

Enterprise customers can enable a modern commerce experience with:

Scalable and customizable commerce architecture
BigCommerce provides businesses with an innovative, open and modular architecture. This architecture can be customized to meet your unique business requirements while leveraging the power, speed, flexibility, and security of the Google Cloud platform.

Pre-built native integrations with Google products
BigCommerce allows businesses to integrate into their e-commerce business by leveraging Google BigQuery for reporting and analytics, Google Cloud for cloud services, and Google Ads and Listings for promoting products and increasing traffic to their sites. approach can be taken.

Omnichannel solutions for Google and beyond
With Feedonomics, businesses can connect and optimize product listings across hundreds of global advertising, marketplaces, search and social channels, manage inventory and orders, measure performance to improve conversions, ROAS and GMV. can promote the growth of

Simplified billing to meet Google Cloud committed costs
By registering with BigCommerce, customers receive one monthly service invoice and pay all invoices directly to Google Cloud. As an added bonus, the customer can collect her BigCommerce fees to retire Google Cloud committed fees (subject to program availability and terms).

In addition, BigCommerce’s Open SaaS e-commerce platform can accommodate unique business requirements with B2C, B2B, headless, and Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions, offering SaaS and API-enabled openness. A platform-wide SDK that combines flexibility and exposes powerful APIs to give customers the enterprise integrations and tools they need to customize faster.

Dai Vu, Managing Director of Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud, said:

“With BigCommerce now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, enterprise customers can more easily deploy Google Cloud technologies and start growing their business from within their existing cloud environment.”

BigCommerce Announces Launch on Google Cloud Marketplace

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