Billboard Music Awards: John Legend Dedicates Performance to Chris Seateigen

Less than two weeks after suffering a loss of pregnancy with his wife, Chris Siteigen, John Legend performed a moving performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards.

41-year-old dedicated a live performance of a power ballad Never break A few days after revealing to his wife for seven years at today’s ceremony a broken heart for a couple of superstars losing their son Jack in about half of their third pregnancy.

The legend, dressed in a white suit, sat down on the piano in the center of the stage and performed an inspirational performance.

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Then host Kelly Clarkson-Judge The Voice US Along with the legend – provided inspirational words of support to sad parents.

“I would like to talk to my friends who inspire me every day,” said 38-year-old Clarkson.

“Not only as a musician and songwriter, but also as a human being. John Legend is one of my favorites on this planet, and he and Chrissy invite us to their world, the highs and lows. It’s easy for us all to feel that way about them because we have a warm way. “

She continued. “In this very difficult time our hearts are directed at both of you. You keep sharing your light and talent with all of us, a very special performance, probably my favorite Thank you for the night. “

Model and writer Teigen, 34, provided fans with the latest information on the devastating hospital earlier this month and lost his third child, a son who had already decided to name Jack. Revealed.

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We are shocked and feel the pain we have never felt in the deep pain you just hear. Despite the transfusion bag or bag, it was not possible to stop the bleeding and give the baby the water it needed. That wasn’t enough. .. .. We do not decide on a baby’s name from the time the baby is born until just before leaving the hospital. But for some reason we started calling this little guy with Jack on my belly. So he will always be Jack for us. Jack worked hard to be part of our small family, and he will be forever. .. .. To our Jack-I’m very sorry that the first few moments of your life encountered so many complications that you couldn’t give you the house you needed to survive. We always love you .. .. Thank you to all who have sent us positive energy, thoughts, and prayers. We feel all your love and really thank you. .. .. We are very grateful for our lives, the wonderful babies Luna and Miles, and all the wonderful things we have experienced. But every day is not filled with sunlight. On this darkest day, we mourn and scream. But we hug each other more strongly, love each other, and overcome it.

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The two posted a series of images from the hospital bed. Some of them are crying with their children tied up in a blanket.

The post was flooded with supportive comments from followers and fellow stars, praising Teigen for shedding light on such a personal experience shared by many women.

Today’s performance was the first public release of the legend since the news.

The Billboard Music Awards have been postponed from the originally scheduled April 29 due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was supposed to be held in Las Vegas, but instead it was held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

Post Malone, the night’s most nominated artist, brought back a whopping nine awards, including top artists. He earned a total of 16 BBMAs.

Other notable winners include Billie Eilish, who won the best album and top female artist, Khalid, who won the top R & B artist and top R & B male artist, and Lilna’s X, who won the top song gong.

Taking the top song sales artist home, Rizzo gave an enthusiastic speech, urging Americans to vote for the next US election.

The· The truth hurts The singer said: “Rem tells us something. When people try to suppress something, it usually has power. They are afraid of your power. Who are you? There is power. Your voice has power. So, whether it is due to music, protest, or voting rights, use your power, use your voice, and oppress. I refuse to be done. Thank you Billboard. I love everyone. God bless me. “

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Billboard Music Awards: John Legend Dedicates Performance to Chris Seateigen

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