Billie Eilish shares video in “real body” after body-shaming tweet

Billie Eilish responded subtly but strongly to the online Vitriol she is facing this week, sharing a video about “normalizing the entity” and her photo.

18 years old shame on the body Growing man Earlier this week, she ridiculed her paparazzi photo on Twitter. In the photo, Irish wears a snug tank top and shorts instead of the usual oversized looks. “Billie Eilish developed the body of a wine mom in her mid-thirties in ten months,” he wrote.

In response to the comments, many Eirish fans defended her and chimed to push back the troll’s remarks:

The singer of “Ocean Eyes” took a different route than interacting directly with dislikes and fans.

On Tuesday night, she shared a video on YouTuber Chizi Duru, talking about the need to “normalize the entity” for “normal internal organs” and “sagging boobs”.

Irish also shared his red-colored photo with the curious caption “Do you really want to go back in time?”

Having won five Grammy Awards has long been open to body-shamming, explaining that that’s exactly why she wears the most famous baggy outfit.

In an ad for Calvin Klein last year, Irish explained that he was wearing oversized clothes because “no one could say anything because he hadn’t seen what was underneath.”

“Everyone will be like” she is slim and fat “,” she is not slim and fat “,” she has a flat butt “,” she has a fat butt ” I can not do it. No one can say that because they don’t know, “she explained.

Earlier this year, Irish debuted her short film, “Not My Responsibility.” There she took on the body shimmer and troll and said, “Do you know me? Can you make me smaller? Weak? Soft? Tall? Can you be quiet? My shoulders Do you inspire you? “

“We guess about people based on their size. We determine who they are. We determine their value,” she says in the movie. I will. “If I wear more, if I don’t wear more — who decides what makes me? What does that mean? Is my value based solely on your perception? Or I Isn’t my opinion my responsibility? “

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Place of originBillie Eilish shares video in “real body” after body-shaming tweet

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