Billie Eilish’s reaction to body shaping trolls on Twitter

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish was embarrassed by Twitter trolls... An 18-year-old woman wore a spaghetti strap tank top and shorts in a photo captioned by Troll, “In 10 months Billie Eilish developed the body of a wine mom in her mid-30s.”

Shortly after the tweet spread through word-of-mouth, the singer subtly turned around by posting a video of her passing five Grammy Awards and giving her followers a little wink. She then re-shared the recently talked-about body positivity video by Chizi Duru.

“Everyone has to start normalizing the entity, right?” Dur said in a clip. “Not everyone has a wagon behind them. The internal organs are normal. They are normal. Especially the breasts after breastfeeding are sagging. Instagram is not real,” Duru said in the video.

Celebrity and Twitter fans were, of course, content with her defense. “People who react to @ billie eilish’s normal body must stare at themselves. It’s nonsense to have sexual intercourse right away. She’s a beautiful and ordinary goodbye!” Kat Dennings tweeted.

“For those who are ashamed of Billie Eilish’s body, stop imposing unrealistic standards of beauty on women. She is not worthy of it, and no one else is worthy of it. Billie is always beautiful. Don’t judge her, “fans added.

Billy himself took another subtle jab in the troll by reposting a still image from her powerful short film “Not My Responsibility” (which opened her Where Do We Go? World Tour). .. time? ”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Billy has had to deal with a body shimmer. In 2019, she talks about her decision to wear baggage clothes in the Calvin Klein campaign: Have you ever seen what’s below? Nobody says, “Oh, she’s slim. She’s not slim. She has a flat butt. She has a fat butt.” They don’t know, so no one can say that. can not. ”

Well, especially 18 year old women should not be ashamed of their body shape.

Scroll down and read the fan’s reaction to the body shimmer.

Billie Eilish’s reaction to body shaping trolls on Twitter

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