Billy Slater in the offseason

Billy Slater, a coach from Queensland, has found a new challenge to keep him busy in the off-season – cross-country horse jumping.

“Horses have a persuasive way of speaking,” Slater said at the British Festival of Events at Princess Anne’s Gatcomb estate outside London. “I’ll do this tomorrow.”

Slater spent the weekend with his wife Nicole, fellow Magic Millions ambassador Zara Tindall, the Queen’s granddaughter and retired rugby ace husband Mike.

“It’s realistic enough to understand that it takes a lot of work,” he said after Zara completed a round of challenging cross-country courses.

The Olympic silver medalist had reunited with fellow Magic Millions ambassadors the night before and had kicked himself for not pre-planning his typically Australian arrival.

“What were you thinking when you drank the night before?” she laughed. “Running around Gatcombe I don’t know why you would do that. Running around the house is always a nightmare.”

After completing a clear round in show jumping the next morning, Zara will return to Australia for the Magic Millions Yearling Sale on the Gold Coast in January.

She is passionate about competing in polo and show jumping and currently has the largest prize pool in the country, offering over $1 million.

She will also take on Slater in an iconic beach race along the sands of Surfers Paradise.

“She’s caught me in it a few times,” Slater said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still be behind my dust,” Zara told him.

Since we last met in Australia before Covid, she has one son, Lucas, joining sisters Mia, 8, and Lena, 4.

They plan to come to Australia with their parents in the summer.

Her brother and event organizer Peter Phillips said: We try to celebrate every event from grassroots to pro level, and Magic Millions makes it possible. “

Katie Page, co-owner of Magic Millions, has renewed her sponsorship of the iconic Gatcomb event for another three years and said it was the perfect showcase for the Australian equine industry.

“Our industry is global. This event is the kickoff for Magic Millions in January and we are looking forward to bringing together all our clients and ambassadors from around the world and coming to Australia in the summer,” she said. I was.

According to Page, all Magic Millions ambassadors love horses, whether it’s horse racing, eventing, polo or show jumping.

For his part, Slater also plans to sell in January.

Daily Telegraph editor Matthew Benns is in the UK as a guest on Magic Millions.

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Billy Slater in the offseason

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