Binge House of the Dragons: Everything You Need to Know about the GOT Prequel

House of the Dragons is poised to explode on our screens tomorrow, setting a permanent place in pop culture on fire.

Based on one of Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin’s books, it promises all the intrigue, betrayal, and possibly sex that made the original GOT a forced viewing worldwide. .

But what if you can’t tell the bottom of the chisel from your elbow? Clubfoot from King’s Hand? we’ve got you covered Here’s a quick guide to the story everyone is set to talk around the water cooler again – well, at least the one back in the office.

It’s not a typical prequel

This does not include GOT characters. It’s set hundreds of years ago and chronicles how a violent civil war between House Targaryens destroyed nearly all the dragons of Westeros. but they all have minor roles. This show is about people wearing blonde wigs.

there are many dragons

GoT only had three, and there weren’t that many until the last few seasons, and HOTD features nearly 20 dragons. Nearly every Targaryen has them, and they fly in all directions, burning down towns, people, ships, and each other.Get ready for some serious dragon action.

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horrible ending

I can’t say viewers “loved” the GOT Red Wedding, where Robb Stark and his mother Catelyn were betrayed and brutally murdered. But it definitely stuck in my mind. But the Red Wedding is little more than an appetizer compared to the banquet of gruesome endings HOTD offers for some of its characters. There will also be episodes that make you think, “Did you really do that!?”


Thrones had a lot of characters that we didn’t like. HOTD is a little different in that she has two main factions: the Greens (Aricent and her son Aegon) and the Blacks (Raynilla). Who you endorse may change your view of who the villains are. But there are many competitors. Most intriguing is Sir Larry “Clubfoot” Strong, played by Matthew Needham. Even the books don’t reveal which side he really was on.


If it’s anything like a book, then there’s Lumpy Pumpy’s Whiplash. Thrones was known as “Game Of Boobs” in its early seasons, but I think we’ll see more equal-opportunity nudity this time around.

we know the ending

Unlike Thrones, which is still waiting for George R.R. Martin to release Volume 6, let alone start Volume 7, HOTD is based on his Targaryen pseudohistory, Fire And Blood. Unlike Thrones, you can buy the book if you want to know how the series ends. Although there will no doubt be some surprises along the way…

House Of The Dragon will premiere on Binge and Foxtel on Monday, August 22nd at 11am AEST. The original Game of Thrones is available on both platforms.

Binge House of the Dragons: Everything You Need to Know about the GOT Prequel

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