BlackBerry has partnered with ServiceNow to manage incident response

BlackBerry has announced that it has partnered with ServiceNow to integrate the BlackBerry AtHoc service into the Now platform for rapid crisis communications and IT service management.

Integrating BlackBerryAtHoc into the NowPlatform workflow stack allows IT operations teams to leverage multiple communication channels in the event of an incident, enabling more efficient and secure communications. According to BlackBerry, this leads to a higher level of collaboration with a wider range of businesses in order to maintain efficiency, productivity and profitability.

“This partnership allows IT teams to alert and organize best-in-class crisis teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues such as critical service outages and service interruptions directly within the ServiceNow interface of the Now platform. You can, “the company said in a statement.

“Because you don’t have to leave the platform, there’s no friction between multiple windows and open applications, and you’re better at responding to incidents and managing problems.”

Teams can also monitor audit logs and perform post-incident response reviews.

“We understand that our customers spend a lot of time on the ServiceNow platform planning and developing workflows that meet their business needs,” said Ramon Pinero, vice president of BlackBerry AtHoc Services.

“BlackBerry AtHoc is built into the ServiceNow workflow, allowing customers to seamlessly send timely and secure notifications to users about important events such as outages and new return to work guidelines without having to switch from the ServiceNow experience. Organize and reduce overall recovery time. “

Matt Schvimmer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ServiceNow’s ITSM Business Unit, said the partnership is paired with “two of the best players to provide world-class secure incident response management within a comprehensive digital workflow.” It states that it is.

“We are delighted to welcome BlackBerry AtHoc as a trusted partner and look forward to providing AtHoc functionality to our customers directly from the App Store,” he says.

BlackBerry AtHoc allows organizations to securely and reliably communicate with employees and other organizations via any device. BlackBerry AtHoc leverages the power of mobility, hybrid cloud, and IP networks to provide an integrated, secure, end-to-end solution for real-time collaboration and continue to perform critical business operations.

BlackBerry hosted its annual Security Summit this week. At this summit, industry experts and sort leaders from around the world discussed topics such as remote working world security, business continuity, zero trust / zero touch, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and crises. Communication for employee safety.

BlackBerry has partnered with ServiceNow to manage incident response

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