Bledisloe Cup: Wallaby safety concerns if they defeat the All Blacks at Eden Park in Auckland this weekend

Wallabies need to achieve unthinkable achievements and maintain wisdom about them if they defeat the All Blacks in Eden Park, in fear of causing an ugly reaction across Tasman.

It’s been 34 years since the All Blacks lost to Australia in Auckland’s infamous hostile cauldron, but Kiwi suddenly won a streak after a 16-16 draw with Wallaby in the opening test at Wellington last weekend. We are under strong pressure to maintain.

The impasse has arisen as the relationship between Australian and New Zealand rugby boards has sunk to the lowest level ever after months of turmoil and emotions have risen.

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media_cameraIs the dreaded All Blacks aura waning?

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Wallaby legend David Campies has already verbally thrown grenades, claiming that the All Blacks “lost their aura” while even the Kiwi media turned on their home team. clothing. “

The second clash on Sunday is expected to have a crowd of 47,000, which is close to capacity, suggesting that it will not work historically, but no one knows Kiwi’s reaction to losing.

Australia’s rugby union, rugby league and cricket team have all been ugly abused at Eden Park over the last few decades, and wallaby players and team staff have, like last year, slammed into fierce New Zealand supporters. Was thrown.

And that was after the All Blacks won 36-0, and the crowd was probably happy!

New Zealand police have provided Australians with police escorts from Auckland hotels to the stadium, and players are already preparing for a nasty backlash on the field.

Nick White says the wallaby is ready to fire at Eden Park.
media_cameraNick White says the wallaby is ready to fire at Eden Park.

But after Wallaby went there with confidence, Nick White of Wallaby Halfback, whose all previous tests at Eden Park ended with a big loss, says it doesn’t matter where the match took place.

“I’ve been there several times after two wins and a draw, and I think it’s as relevant to their group’s reaction as where we’re playing,” he says. I did.

“I don’t think it matters where you play this week. There is a reaction from them.

“The All Blacks have always responded after a draw, a defeat, or a poor performance, but this week we’ll talk about our reaction.”

Best of all, White learned the difficult way of what the price would be for a bear poking whenever a wallaby sailed the wind to Eden Park.

Rugby league, rugby union, cricket ... Kiwi doesn't like to lose in his hometown.
media_cameraRugby league, rugby union, cricket … Kiwi doesn’t like to lose in his hometown.

In 2014 he was part of the Wallabies side who drew with the All Blacks in Sydney, but lost 50-12 in Auckland. The following year, Wallaby won Sydney, but a week later was beaten up at Eden Park, spotlighting the Australian team White at the 2015 World Cup.

It took him four years to get back to where he was.

In 2019, he was on the Australian team, hitting All Blacks 47-26 in Perth and clashing 36-0 seven days later, but White is one big difference from the Wallaby team he drew last weekend. I say there is one.

“We know that a lot of communication is around what they bring, but we’re going to make about us and what we bring this week,” he said.

“One is pretty disappointed with what happened in Wellington, so I think it’s another reaction.

Wallabies need to gain momentum

Rugby: Expert Rod Kaffer says wallabies need to gain momentum against the All Blacks and continue to improve if they want to win in New Zealand.

“There are already many areas where you can actually modify the details the way you want to play the game.

“Then we were pretty angry with the hut, knowing that the game was there for a take and didn’t take it.”

Initially published as a wallaby safety concern in the event of an unthinkable event

Bledisloe Cup: Wallaby safety concerns if they defeat the All Blacks at Eden Park in Auckland this weekend

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