Block 2020: Contestant Daniel’s fierce storm after being accused of lying

South Australian contestant Daniel Joyce cursed after a fierce conflict, raising tensions between contestants and coaches at The Block for the second straight day.

A farmer competing with his wife Jade on a reality show was accused of “lying” to Foreman Dan Riley, saying his attic had already been checked by Foreman Keith Schleiger. ..

It culminated in a tense conflict, during which Dan said he was “concerned” about the collapse of trust, urged Daniel to erupt, and called his claim “bullish.”

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media_cameraBlock contestant Daniel had not been accused by Dan. Photo: Channel 9

The parents of the three SAs created an attic storage space in the Brighton building. Dan said the space needs to be formally inspected before it can be sealed.

“I don’t think it’s a problem. Keith checked it yesterday, so I hope we’re all still fine,” Daniel agreed with the test and casually replied.

Elsewhere in the episode, Dan returned to reveal details of Keith’s visit to the attic.

“Keith was there three or four times watching it all day, that’s what I was informed about last night when I got home,” Daniel told him.

Dan replied: “I just hung up with Keith. He said he was there and supervised, but he hadn’t done any formal inspection.

“It has something to do with me because I feel like I’m lying … this is mutual respect,” he said, which frustrated Daniel got angry with.

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A tense standoff between Daniel and Dan Foreman. Photo: Channel 9
media_cameraA tense standoff between Daniel and Dan Foreman. Photo: Channel 9

“Who did you lie to, Dan?” He asked, resulting in an unpleasant round trip between the pairs.

“I just said Keith checked it,” he said.

Daniel argued. “No, I didn’t say that. Keith said he was there yesterday,” Dan said. “It’s two-way trust.”

Kick-off, Daniel replied: “Mate, trust between me and you is okay, and if you feel like I often lied, it’s bullish ** t. Absolute bull * * t.

“You called me a liar companion. Yesterday I was on the challenge all day and was told that Keith was checking three or four times, but I don’t know about checking.

“There’s no way I’m lying to you. Bulls ** t mate, call me a liar,” he muttered as he jumped out of the room.

media_camera“It’s bullish,” Daniel declared. Photo: Channel 9

This isn’t the first time Daniel has been unfairly served by the foreman, but last time it had little to do with his physique.

Earlier this season, viewers weren’t impressed with comments on Daniel about Foreman Keith’s weight.

When a South Australian farmer asked Keith to inspect his floor in an episode last month, Keith asked if Dan “weighted” while the show was blocked.

“Did you put on a little weight?” He looked up with a cheeky smile.

“Yes, I’m back a little bit the same way I came,” said the regained athlete, who had previously boasted about losing weight during the competition.

The show was then cut into flashbacks before the shutdown period, and Daniel claimed to have lost weight thanks to a sponsored meal from Wright’n’Easy.

The majority of viewers were angry with Keith’s “fat-shamming” comment, but others wondered if he could have considered it a joke intended.

Was Keith overkill? Photo: Channel 9
media_cameraWas Keith overkill? Photo: Channel 9

In the Monday night episode, athletes Harry and Foreman Keith confronted Harry’s “dangerous” workplace.

The tragedy of Harry and Tash eventually forced him to drop his tools and go home after the site was considered a safety threat.

After Keith and Harry plunged their heads in several recent episodes, Keith had previously told competitors that he had blocked parts of the construction site without permission, and Harry threatened to leave the show.

The block will continue on Wednesday night on Channel 9 from 7:30 pm

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Block 2020: Contestant Daniel’s fierce storm after being accused of lying

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