‘Bluey’ and anime fans’ secret war

Iconic Australian children’s cartoon Bluey has been inundated with negative reviews in a targeted attack to downgrade the beloved show’s online ratings, Reddit users speculate.

Online detectives have identified what they say is a secret war raging between anime fans and children’s series on the film and TV website IMDb.

At the end of last month Blueyexecutive director Daley Pearson tweeted a screenshot of the IMDb page. Bluey For All Fans The episode titled “Sleepytime” ranked second on the list of the greatest TV shows of all time with a 10 out of 10 star rating.

i don’t have kids but i love them Blueyso I don’t find fault here — but the Reddit theory suggests that anime fans were.

Just three days after Pearson sent out the tweet, Bluey The episode dropped to number 17 on the list. During this time, the number of people rating the show increased by 700, and according to Star Ratings statistics, the one-star rating skyrocketed, becoming his second most popular rating on the show. . Considering the most popular rating is 10 stars, it looks pretty suspicious.

At the same time, popular anime series came out of nowhere to top the charts. why? It seems the trolls have arrived.

Reddit thread in Bluey Fans (yes, it exists) suggest that anime fans saw the tweet and started reviewing the show badly.

Reddit was quick to point out that trolling really is the most sincere form of flattery the internet can offer.

“It really is a badge of honor,” wrote one user. “Once you get enough altitude, you start hating on anything. And the fact that it’s a children’s show makes it even better.”

Others have suggested that this may be the beginning of an all-out war between fans of children’s shows and anime.

“If it had to be like this, Bluey Fandom can revolt against anime fans,’ said one person Bluey supporter.

“This may be one of the worst things we’ve done, but it’s going to start a war. If you want to help attack the anime fandom, comment on this post and support Attack on Titan. Please leave a bad review on!”

“Welcome to why so much anime fandom is toxic,” said another.

But no one has summed up the situation better than this Reddit user. Bluey Fan: “The Internet is such a strange place.”

first published as ‘Bluey’ and anime fans’ secret war

‘Bluey’ and anime fans’ secret war

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