Bollé Safety Ninka Eyeshield

Bollé Safety’s “Ninka” protective eyewear is specially designed for the healthcare and service industries for use in areas where there is a risk associated with splashes and drops.

Ninka provides effective protection and physical barriers from splashes and drips while remaining lightweight and comfortable. The acupoint-free ergonomic “TIP GRIP” temple ensures the wearer a comfortable and secure fit over extended use. The 23 x 7 cm lens is quick and easy to replace and has protective films on both sides that need to be removed before use. The lens comes with an upper frame with an additional protective lip to secure the enclosure at eyebrow height for greater coverage. As a cost-effective product, Ninka comes in a variety of package sizes. Lens and frame are sold separately.

This product is listed in ARTG, No 337956. This product is not intended to be used against mechanical hazards. Always read and follow the instruction manual.

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