Bondi driver accused of furious notes to park on private land

Everyone wanted to go to the beach on the weekends, and we all know how difficult it is to find a parking lot.

However, some Bondi Beach locals had enough visitors to take advantage of their best space.

Residents left an angry note on a car that was repeatedly parked at the location.

“Hey d ** khead! What do you know? This is a private car park. I ignored the three requests to move. P * ss off !!” with a note taped to the window read.

Someone just shared a photo of the note and posted it on Facebook and said, “Summer is here.”

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Many immediately thought about what the inhabitants should do and said they were too great.

“Break the windows and lower the tires. That’s the only way,” wrote a man.

“It’s just rude. I don’t park in someone’s driveway or car space.”

One man suggested wiping the dog’s droppings with the entire wiper. “When it rains, he finds himself very upset.”

Someone else suggested removing the four tire valves and towing the car.

Some made wise suggestions, such as calling Congress or the police to issue tickets or contacting the owner.

People said the situation in Bondi was “out of control” and drivers were always parked on people’s driveways and spots to avoid paying parking fees.

“I once knew who I would go to see when I parked here … The next step would tell my partner if I would park here again … Never park again on the other side of the drive Please .. with bright red lipstick! “Someone said.

Hundreds of people flocked to the beach as temperatures soared over the weekend, and Sydney Cider warned that coronavirus cases would skyrocket if people were happy.

Signs at the various entrances to the beach reminded visitors that the COVID-19 Public Health Order is still in place and must follow social distance guidelines.

The pictures show that some areas of the beach appear to be more dense than others, and some people seem to ignore the rule of social distance of 1.5 meters.

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