Bonus Port Grand Final Clapper

* This offer is only available if Port Adelaide wins the qualifying against Richmond *

The clapper features artwork by sports manga artist David “Macca” MacArthur and will be available as a bonus when you purchase The Advertiser newspaper from participating newspaper retailers.

Perfect Port Grand Final Clapper: Thursday, October 22

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the Perfect Power Grand Final Clapper be available?

A. Clapper will be available on Thursday, October 22nd

Q. How much does the Perfect Power Grand Final Clapper cost?

A. Clapper is free when you purchase The Advertiser.Paper + clapper costs $ 2.00

Q. How do I get the Perfect Power Grand Final Clapper?

A. Present the original token of The Advertiser newspaper to participating newspaper dealers. Only one clapper for each original token from a hard copy (non-digital) newspaper.

Q. Do newspaper dealers participate?

A. The participating newspaper stores are here

Q. I don’t barracks these teams, why don’t you have all the teams?

A. To celebrate the AFL Grand Final, advertisers will release the Perfect Power Grand Final Clapper for the only South Australian team to reach the Grand Final.

Q. Who designed these clappers?

A. Clapper was designed by former Herald Sun cartoonist David “MacArthur” MacArthur.

Q. I bought a newspaper from a store that did not participate in the promotion. Do I need to buy another newspaper from a participating newspaper retailer?

A. Paper can be purchased anywhere and the original hard copy (non-digital) tokens can be taken from the newspaper to the participating newspaper retailer for use with the Grand Final Clapper.

Q. My newspaper store doesn’t have the Perfect Power Grand Final Clapper left. what can I do?

A. Try to find a clapper at another participating newspaper store.

Q. Can I get multiple Perfect Power Grand Final Clappers?

A. Yes. However, you will need to purchase the corresponding number of sheets. For example, if you need two clappers, you need to buy two sheets of paper.

Q. When I brought the newspaper this morning and went home, I noticed that the tokens had been stripped from the newspaper. what do I do?

A. Please return the hard copy newspaper to the participating newspaper retailer where you purchased it, explain the situation and request a replacement copy with the tokens intact. If you cannot provide a complete copy of the newspaper, please contact the News Limited helpline (1300 696 397).

Q. I delivered the newspaper to my home, but I can’t deliver it to the participating newspaper stores.

A. You can call your participating newspaper retailer to see if you can put the clapper on hold. The Grand Final Clapper will end as soon as it is out of stock.

Q. Can I buy the Perfect Power Grand Final Clapper instead of paper?

A. No, the clapper is only available if you purchased The Advertiser, but it will remain in stock.

Q. Can I get the Perfect Power Grand Final Clapper from supermarkets and gas stations?

A. No, clappers are only available from participating newspaper retailers

Q. In which states is the Perfect Power Grand Final Clapper available?

A. Clapper is only available in South Australia.

Q: I have a question for which I can’t find an answer in these FAQs. Who should I call?

A: News Limited Helpline: 1300 696 When you call 397, one member of the team will respond during business hours from 9am to 5pm.

Bonus Port Grand Final Clapper

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