Boris Johnson’s Partygate investigation may kill his political career

London: Boris Johnson was handed enough ropes by his congressional colleagues that it may have ultimately ended his chances of rehabilitation and potentially his political career.

The former British prime minister lost his cool during a lengthy and grueling questioning by the House of Commons Privileges Committee on Wednesday, accusing its members of “complete nonsense”.

Protesters near the British Parliament on

At this time last year he assumed his leadership and It set off a downward spiral that eventually ended it.

Already subject to police investigations, independent investigations, and ministerial judgments, Johnson’s temper has prompted him to seek good advice before seeking it from Sir Bernard Jenkin, a senior Tory back-venture. I was furious when I received the suggestion that it wasn’t. It took place in Downing Street during lockdown.

“This is complete nonsense. I mean, complete nonsense,” he said. “I asked the people involved. They were older people. They were working hard. [Then Downing Street director of Communications] Jack Doyle gave me a clear explanation of what happened. “

Mr Johnson had previously said the rallies he attended during the second nationwide lockdown were “absolutely essential to the work”. I didn’t lie to you,” he claimed.

An investigation into whether he deliberately misled Congress at Partygate will likely end any glimmer of hope he may have had in a political comeback. At worst, he could face a by-election and lose his seat in the House of Representatives entirely.

The commission launched an investigation on June 29 last year and evaluated a range of evidence, including 46 WhatsApp messages between Mr Johnson and government officials, photographs and input from the former prime minister’s legal team. Supporters dismissed the commission as a ‘Kangaroo Court’, but the seven-member MPs are made up of four Conservative MPs, two Labor MPs and one Scottish National MP. .

Boris Johnson’s Partygate investigation may kill his political career

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