Boys outnumber girls for top school offers

Of the 961 students from disadvantaged backgrounds, 617 are students from low socio-economic backgrounds, 58 are Aboriginal, 113 are from rural and remote areas, and 173 are students with disabilities.


NSW Education has not yet reported how many students have received offers from these groups.

“All admitted students are deserving and have the academic talent to realize their potential,” Mitchell said.

“Selective High Schools and Opportunity Classes are just one way to help high-potential and talented students realize their potential. They chose to go to school and thrive in these environments.”

A 2018 review of the state found that fewer places were available to participate in the elective girls’ school system, and girls were more likely than boys to decline offers.


A gender gap exists in some coeducational elective schools in the state. At Fort Street High School, 66% of his students are boys. 61% are boys at Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus, 60% at Caringbah High and 55% at James Ruse.

Jae Jung, associate professor of education at the University of New South Wales and principal investigator of gifted education, welcomed the new model as it increased the representation of talented students from diverse backgrounds, but many students were not. so it would still be missed. I noticed the existence of the test.

“There will still be students and parents who do not know or believe they will not be accepted into the selected schools and application process.”

He believes an extensive statewide evaluation process in which all students are tested will further help ensure that all students have a chance to be considered.

The students took their high school selection exams at the end of March and received their results on Friday.

15,660 students applied for elective school locations this year, up from 14,501 in 2017.

Australian Talented Education Association President Melinda Guindy said there was growing international evidence of the importance of diversity in selective schools.

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Boys outnumber girls for top school offers

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