Brandon Flynn on The Parenting, Hellraiser, and Pride Month

In our Q&A series Last Call, we got down to the bottom of everything at last with some of our favorite fans – since the last time they were hit for the last song they were listening to. This week, Brandon Flynn called us.

You may know Brandon Flynn from his role as Justin in “13 Reasons,” but the actor’s career is just beginning. Soon, she will be starring in “The Parenting,” a comedy for HBO Max with an all-star cast. He is also starring in the new version of the iconic horror film “Hellraiser.”

“Made in Florida, there is more expansion that goes on. It’s a beautiful place, expanded with beautiful people detailing, with unobtrusive roads.”

This Pride month, Flynn teamed up with Bubly to promote their short film, “Come Home.” The film is all about LGBTQ +’s climate and family choices, and features Naomi McPherson from MUNA and Smile Queen Eureka O’Hara. Bubly is also donating $ 100,000 to the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, which is dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ + community.

“To me, that just feels very important and has many implications for what is happening now … [and the] There is no stress on the country, the world, “Flynn said. At age 14. She attended high school theater in Miami.

“I was surrounded by people who sang and danced around the house and introduced themselves in the theater,” he said. “I just always support and encourage and invite to do the same …

Because this experience was growing gay in Florida and finding a safe place to attend school, Flynn was greatly affected by the news of state bill “Do Not Say Gay”.which prohibits homosexual discussions in schools.

“From Florida, there is one more expanse that goes on. It’s a beautiful place, expanded with beautiful people expanding, with no luck,” he said. “When you think about going to school, it’s a full-time job. You go a long way, and to have a law that does not promote education or development, but actually veers in another way, be honest. “

One very special thing for Flynn is that her next two jobs are unbelievably queer. He starred in “The Parenting” with Nick Dodani. In the movie, the two play a couple who have their parents together for the first time in a rented house in the country. The comedy’s cast includes Lisa KudrowParker Posey, Edie Falco, and Brian Cox.

“It was a pretty-wracking first few days,” Flynn admits to working with so many characters, but he calls them “the most welcoming people.” He adds that Kudrow specials sometimes make him a little stronger. He said, “He walked by the shots and like, ‘Hey, what did you do, which was really funny,'” he said.

They also raised their share of hijinks during the filming, which wrapped up in May. “Nick wanted to make people prank, but Nick was sweet and kind, and would show off the show by saying, ‘Do you like acting?'” He said. Although their pranks failed, they wrote several Snapchat filters with Falco.

Flynn’s next major project is the new version of “Hellraiser,” which will be released on Hulu later this year. It was the first reboot of 1987. Flynn is a huge horror fan, and he’s happy that the new version takes the story’s queer subtext and makes it clear.

“‘Hellraiser’s as a story that is a big example for Clive Barker as a closed man experiencing BDSM culture,” Flynn explains. “We have to be first, in 11 [Hellraiser] movies, we are the first gay movie. The high priest, also known as Pinhead is played by Jamie Clayton, this beautiful trans actress. It just feels like the prophecies have been fulfilled, and I’m so glad the world sees that one. “

Read on to find out more about Flynn talking about her “The Parenting” costars, her favorite songs, and more.

Brandon Flynn in front of the Stonewall Inn

What is the last day of “Parenting”?

Have COVID fear. It was very hot, but sadly, we also did some acting, so everyone tried to make it happy. It’s weird.

Who is the last “The Parenting” costar you texted?

Lisa Kudrow.

When was the last time you starstruck?

Lisa Kudrow.

What was the last song you listened to?

Oliver Sim’s “Hideous.” It’s coming up with a new album, and it’s fantastic. The animated film that collaborates with him is very strong.

What is the ultimate album you bought or streamed?

It’s the kind of recurring theme, “Jagged Me Pill” by Alanis Morissette.

What is the last picture in your camera roll?

Yesterday I was photographed with one of my best friends, Dylan. It was his birthday. We went shuffleboarding in Brooklyn.

What was the last show you watched?

“Julia” by HBO Max.

What was the last movie you watched?

Maybe it was something on the Criterion Channel that I slept on.

What is the last thing you want to buy online?

Vitamin C package from Amazon.

What was the last thing you did on self-care?

I have been thinking about this morning.

What was the last book you read?

“The Untethered Soul” by Michael Alan Singer.

What was the last gift you received?

T-shirt from “Parenting.”

What was the last thing you went to?

I go up, [to] upstate New York. I just lived in a small farm house.

What is the last piece of advice you received that changed your life?

Relax, you are doing well.

Photo Source: Courtesy of Brandon Flynn

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Brandon Flynn on The Parenting, Hellraiser, and Pride Month Source link Brandon Flynn on The Parenting, Hellraiser, and Pride Month

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