Bringing the kitchen pantry to the present day

As we moved to a more streamlined kitchen, the walk-in pantry has grown into an important organizational space within our home.

Designed by Williams Burton Leopardi architect Erin Crowden, the pantry has long been popular, but it’s a central extension of the kitchen and you can expect to live your own life.

“Personally, I prefer to stay away from the show kitchen where all the work is actually done in the pantry,” she says.

“It’s important to make sure you don’t duplicate your kitchen in a miniature, but find what you really want to use and store it in your space.

“It’s also great to have a strong connection between the two, as they are often used in tandem.”

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Design tips

The pantry is where you lift heavy objects in the kitchen, so you need to make sure that this space is designed to make your life easier.

Erin says the design of the pantry depends on the individual user and their needs, but there are some important tips to get you started.

“Think about how you use your space and what you need to store or access,” she says.

“Connecting to the kitchen as part of it and keeping it protected from the panoramic view is also a good design move if you have the ability. This avoids the effects of the kitchenette and makes the area feel wider. , It looks better. ”

This clever layout can be seen in the Bungalow House (main photo) by Georgie Shepherd, a project interior designer at Georgia Shepherd Interior Design. In this kitchen, you’ll make an eye-catching statement while the pantry’s open shelves and drawers are glimpsed and the rest are invisible.

The beauty of this particular pantry is a clever sliding door that mimics a wall. This means you can completely hide your pantry when you need it.

Real Estate Front Wheel Drive Supplied: Image from Press Loft

KitchenCraft Natural element. Attachment: Press the loft.

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Lay out

According to George, the pantry is undoubtedly becoming a more organized and well-selected space in the kitchen.

“We found that the walk-in pantry was a generally forgotten room and was treated like an internal cupboard,” she says.

“We tend to design pantry as an extension of the kitchen and the details are carefully considered.”

One thing to consider is whether you need to close the pantry doors to access all the shelves, or whether you can easily move the open dishwasher, and the room you assign to the doors and appliances. The amount.

The appearance and composition of the pantry is important, but it is important to consider practical factors such as lighting, plumbing points, and power points from the beginning.

Task lights are a great way to get enough lighting on your sink, dishwasher, or bench. Alternatively, you can open the pantry door and splatter the downlights to turn on automatically.

When installing small appliances in the pantry, you also need to consider where to place the power points and how many (practical factors that affect the ease of use of the pantry).

Bringing the kitchen pantry to the present day

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