Brisbane refugee activists crash Scott Morrison’s luncheon at Fat Frecklinton

Refugee and union protesters crashed Brisbane’s hottest LNP luncheon on Tuesday, hosted by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Queensland LNP leader Fat Frecklinton.

For the second consecutive day, the refugee solidarity Mianjin Group walked, armed with Brussels sprouts, proclaiming that it would not stop until the refugees were released.

“ScoMo is a racist,” they cried as they roamed the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center at lunchtime on Tuesday.

“Freely free the refugees,” they also chanted, tapping the pot with a spoon and making noise.

About 30 protesters have met at least 15 police officers, but refugee activists say they are “too many.”

“How do you spell racists? QPS!” They shouted at the police.

Protesters also broke the big paper Australian flag.

Morrison arrived at around 12:50 pm and was harassed by waiting protesters while driving.

In the post, the group said: Brussels sprouts soup for our family? “

Protesters threw blood-stained tomatoes and Brussels sprouts to the prime minister yesterday.

Kangaroo Point’s accommodation provider, 120 refugees, is understood to be given simple foods such as Brussels sprouts and tomato soup, which the refugee activity group refers to as “KP120”.

In contrast, Morrison and Frecklinton are sitting with a diner who forked an estimated $ 1,500 per head for a luncheon.

The day after his media opportunity at the University of Queensland was gate-crashed by the same group of protesters who destroyed his car and saw him taken to a police car.

As Morrison moved through the center, protesters began to move through the complex, hitting the walls of the convention center.

Police then asked them to move on, with groups open in the park across the street.

I will come more.

Place of originBrisbane refugee activists crash Scott Morrison’s luncheon at Fat Frecklinton

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