Britney Spears’ new song ‘Hold Me Closer with Elton John’ leaks online

Britney Spears and Elton John’s long-awaited collaboration has allegedly leaked online.

Fans are outraged that the new track went viral on social media before the Princess of Pop could officially release it. usa sun report.

The song, titled Hold Me Closer, is Britney’s first new song in six years.

It is said to be a mashup of one of Sir Elton’s most memorable songs, Tiny Dancer, mixed with samples from his other songs, including his 1992 track The One.

Britney, 40, reportedly tweaked the lyrics and offered to sing new verses for the remix.

But some fans online said they got it early and leaked what they claimed was a preview of the single.

In a clip posted to Twitter, a voice purported to be Britney’s can be heard in her signature high-pitched singing of “Hug me Tiny Dancer” among other lyrics.

The short snippet has neither been confirmed nor denied, but fans who have waited for everything to be released in its proper form are slamming it.

“This sucks. She works so hard,” wrote one Britney fan, referring to the care the singer has taken on her big comeback track.

“Please stop leaking,” another begged, and a third shouted, “Please delete.”

One fan even wondered if the leak was even the final version of the song.

“If she’s not happy with it, why divulge it?”

Still, some anxious fans were keen to sample her return.

One yelled, “I can’t wait,” while another tagged, “Oh, I want it.”

Apparently a third of those who heard the purported preview praised it.

“She looks so good,” a fan tweeted.

The collaboration follows Elton’s team-up with Dua Lipa last summer.

Their hit single Cold Heart reached the top of several Billboard charts.

Britney is hoping for a similar reception as she begins the process of performing again.

A source told The Sun that Elton has helped countless artists over the years, both professionally and privately, and was well aware of Britney’s fight.

“They have known each other for years and Elton personally invited Britt to his famous Oscar party.

“He really wants the best for her and it’s great to hear them together on the track.”

Britney previously said of her love for Elton, “I’m Elton’s number one fan in the world.

“Me and my mother, we love him to death.”

This story was originally published by usa sun Reprinted with permission

Britney Spears’ new song ‘Hold Me Closer with Elton John’ leaks online

Source link Britney Spears’ new song ‘Hold Me Closer with Elton John’ leaks online

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