Britney Spears responds to Kevin Federline’s allegations

After her ex-husband Kevin Federline claimed her sons — Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15 — chose not to see her. britney spears I am raising my voice. Federline’s comments are part of a larger interview scheduled to air on ITV in the UK later this week, but part of the interview daily mailThe former backup dancer claims the boys decided not to see their mother for the time being, in part because of a partially nude photo she shared on Instagram.

“The boys have decided not to see her now,” Federline said. “It’s been months since they met her. They’ve decided not to go to her wedding.”

On Saturday, August 6th, Spears Instagram“It saddens me to hear that my ex-husband decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. Raising a teenage boy is never easy for anyone…I worry about the fact that the reason is based on my INSTAGRAM…it was long before Instagram…I don’t want them to Gave it all…only one word: ouch…let me tell you…my mother told me ‘you should give them to their father’…sharing this because i can I do… have a nice day everyone!!!”

In an interview, Federline said the boys were reportedly offended by the photos their mothers were posting on Instagram. her guardian Finished. “I try to explain to them that it might be another way she’s trying to express herself.” That’s a big deal.”

Spears addressed her original comments on her Instagram post On her social media site she wrote that other celebrities have shared more intimate photos than her. REMEMBER TO GIVE!!!!!” she wrote. “I’m just a human being and I did my best… I honestly want to share my 2 cents!!!! I wish I had!!! Other artists have done a lot. Worse when their children were very young!!!”

“Baby One More Time” singer Husband Sam Asghariin an interview with Federline his instagram likewise. Asgari wrote on his Instagram story, “There is no justification for his statement that children are distancing themselves, and it is irresponsible to make such statements public. Boys are so smart.” Well, you’re about to turn 18 and you’ll have to make your own decisions, but you may eventually find that having a role model for your father, who hasn’t worked in over 15 years, was “hard”. .”

Asgari closed his statement by defending Spears’ release from his guardianship status. “What is now considered a normal problem and behavior that can be easily addressed with treatment or other methods has been magnified to justify a 13-year prison sentence,” Asghari said, adding that his wife was under guardianship. “Those who approve of it are wrong to profit in any way from it. I will not comment on this matter, other than to say I have a job.”

In a subsequent Instagram story, the 28-year-old added that he wishes Federline no malice. I hope he has a more positive outlook in the future.”But for now, please don’t mention my wife’s name..”

Britney Spears responds to Kevin Federline’s allegations

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