Bullying China will backfire in these turbulent times

However, the design and construction of long tunnels requires a number of precautions to be taken to protect the area’s aquifers, minimize air and noise pollution, and maintain the social and economic structure of the town. there is.

The Deputy Prime Minister has admitted that the project will stagnate without large additional funding from the government. The New South Wales Department of Transportation recognizes that if the shorter tunnel option is selected, at least 12 properties and important public recreation spaces will be compromised if not lost.

And the long-term best future of connecting freight and passengers on rail and other modes of transportation between Central West and Greater Sydney has not yet been considered. Gary Moore, Blackheath

Send disgust

Australia Post is a state-of-the-art company that rewards CEOs, pays consultants large amounts of money to improve their reputation, and at the same time removes important services to their customers (“Emails to help post pass”. Big PR Survey in ”, October 13). This insidious tendency must be stopped. Margaret Gloves, Abbotsford

Our emails used to be delivered daily. By the day we look at our post office now, he looks exhausted. He seems to be working 12 hours. We hope that the huge checks distributed to executives of the “Reputation Management” company and Australia Post will be diverted to hard-working people like our post office. Lynn Paulson, Kingsford

The news of Australia Post’s selfish diligence in the face of barbaric reductions in staff and services reminds us of how deeply unequal Australia has become.

Millions of dollars paid senior managers hire public relations consultants for $ 3,000 a day for “reputation management,” corporate credit cards, drivers, and other perks such as “flowers, gifts, magazines.” It’s time to take a deeper look at what’s failing in our society, properly when we think of spending $ 300,000 for 12 months. It seems to be rotten from the head down. Alison Stewart, Riverview


The question of whether the mask reduces the airborne propagation of COVID-19 should be simple. Logically and according to scientific evidence, they do. People can smell smoke particles hundreds of meters away from smokers, but why couldn’t even the fine viruses carried on the fine water droplets cover a considerable distance? “The virus can carry 1.8 m in the air: experts”, October 13). ‘

The truth is not subjective. In the face of scientific evidence, denying that something is true does not make a mistake. Unfortunately, today, blatantly false denial conspiracy theories are widespread and believed by voters. These theories are credited by malicious politicians not because they are true, but because they may win votes. Only in America? Think again. Jeff Black, Caves Beach


Anyone who thinks a racetrack panther sits politely and politely in a plastic seat and dreams of fighting a hard-earned Nag against another Hay Burner behind the finish post (letter, October 13). Day). During that time, spectators in the theater are banned. Make the rules of social distance consistent. Bill Young, Killcare Heights

Rough and tumble

Imagine the reaction that Andrew Constance would receive if he were a resident of San Francisco. He proposed that the city abolish the cable car (letter, October 13). KEN BOX, Curling Ford

Southstein is still alive, but it’s encouraging to hear that it may not be very good. I came back in the early 1960s, remembering a day trip to Broken Bay. It’s sunny, calm and sunny on a coastal trip, but a little more dramatic on a trip back to Sydney. She steamed a huge southern buster road up the shore. As the deck shook up and down and the props left the water, the entire ship quivered from the bow to the stern. My companion and I were hanging firmly on the slippery grab rails inside, without dare to go out. The deck was flooded with more than just seawater produced by poor landsliders. Fear of about 30 minutes until we sway safely with the harbor. Great adventure. Ken Osborne, Bowlaville

Sweet trick

Nocturnal mice are not the only animals that hollow out oranges and oranges to leave empty skins (Letter, October 13). Goshiki Seigaiko does the same thing in the daytime, but it is barely visible in orange and green colors. You can share citrus fruits with such beautiful pests. Maurice Collins, Warong Bar

Flying fruit bats eat mandarin from the inside and trick you, leaving behind fully formed skin. Chrissie Whitlock, Earl Wood

Strict words

Your correspondent is paying attention to the effectiveness of the cane as a way to control student behavior (Letter, October 13). I know where he came from, but there may be a little more in the story. I also started teaching when the cane was still in use, but as the old deputy principal told me, “It’s not the cane that does the trick, it’s the story that accompanies it.” In fact, whenever we try to improve our behavior, I think it’s the trick. Tom Oren, Wanbelal Heights

If I had to hit my students to learn, I always felt like I was already losing the fight. Hans Strobe, Kelso

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Bullying China will backfire in these turbulent times

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