Bytec Healthcare GeniTec Power Module

Bytec Healthcare’s GeniTec Power System is designed to integrate with Bytec’s various carts and acts as a cross-platform stand-alone power supply system throughout the healthcare environment. This system can be used to complement existing backup systems, provide uninterruptible power supplies, and mobilize static equipment. One of the largest capacity power modules on the market, it can extend the usage time between charges, so a warranty of over 1000 cycles can significantly improve your workflow and lifetime costs.

All power modules and dock devices provide data logging and integration into new cloud technologies and IoT infrastructure.

Production logs are maintained on both the power module and the dock device, providing timely and maintenance alerts through indicators and audible alerts on the device, enabling you to respond to situations where your system is not connected.

When connected to a PC platform via USB, information is collected in the PC storage and can be synchronized with the cloud-based platform. The GeniView app, which always has the top widgets, provides a convenient screen-based user experience.

The cloud-based asset and monitoring platform provides IT departments with a centralized view of deployed assets for preventative and proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. Users can also connect to the notification alert system, if desired, to further enhance the experience.

This product is available from Tekdis.

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Bytec Healthcare GeniTec Power Module

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