California firefighters show extreme glass fires in Calistoga

Firefighters fighting Glass Fire shared a video on October 2 showing the terrible conditions on the ground in the Calistoga region of California. “A glimpse of the extreme fire behavior endured by Fremont firefighters and members of the Oakland, Hayward, and Alameda County fire departments. [Glass Fire].. Everything is safe and well, “Fremont Firefighters wrote on Instagram. Fire officials said the containment of glass fires increased to 30 percent on Monday, October 5, as the fire continued to burn Napa and Sonoma counties in California. The California Department of Forestry and Fire (Cal Fire) said a glass fire had burned 65,580 acres as of Monday morning. Hundreds of homes were destroyed by Inferno, according to Cal Fire. Credits: Fremont Firefighters via Storyful

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