Capacity is overwhelmed when hundreds of races are done to take the test at Sheparton

“With that information at that point, I would have been able to jump into the Sheperton situation sooner.”

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said the Department of Health and Human Services’ compliance department is investigating and will handle police inquiries about the man’s case.

There were seven new cases across the state on Wednesday, with Victoria’s 14-day average of 10.1.

Five more deaths were reported on Wednesday. Recent deaths include women in their 70s, two men in their 80s, and two women in their 90s. Four of the five deaths are associated with the outbreak of elderly care.

New South Wales reported twice as many cases as Victoria and recorded 14 new infections, including 11 locally infected cases.

Three of the seven new cases in Victoria are associated with the outbreak of shepparton, which could lead to further spread of the virus, with more positive cases expected in the coming days.

“Today, Sheperton has an infection that we know, and if this individual speaks completely, there is almost no doubt that there will be more infections that can be completely prevented,” Andrews said. ..

By 2:30 pm on Wednesday, there was not enough space for local testing on Sheperton’s two pop-up sites. Hundreds of people were queued for hours with asymptomatic people, and others were told to come back on Thursday.

Gluburn Valley Health conducted hundreds of tests on Wednesday.

Weimar said a new drive-through test station will open on Thursday. Australian Defense Force personnel and members of nearby quick response teams will also enhance their testing capabilities. He apologized to those who had been spending a lot of time in the queue waiting to be tested.

Truck drivers reportedly said they were unaware that they were infected with the deadly virus when they drove hundreds of kilometers through the state on September 30.

He ate at the Odd Fellows Cafe in Kilmore, gave birth to six cases, headed north to Sheparton, visited Central Tire Services and the local Bunnings Warehouse, sprinkled another outbreak, and set the rules for the people of Melbourne’s big cities. I broke it. He also stopped by Benara on white line tires.

Andrews said the man was allowed to travel to areas such as Kilmore, Benalla and Sheparton, but violated the restrictions by attending many locations, including the Bunnings Warehouse.

“I can see the driver on September 30th … I was obliged not to participate in retail activities outside of local restaurants, cafes, Bunnings Warehouse, or Victoria,” he said.

“There were many violations of these basic principles.”

Symptomatic Sheperton women working at Central Tire Service were tested positive for the virus over the weekend. Twelve of her colleagues were tested on Tuesday and two more were found to be COVID-19 positive.

Benara’s white line tires have also been identified as high risk areas. Anyone who goes there around noon on September 30th will be encouraged to take the test. No cases have been detected in Benara so far.

Epidemiologist Adrian Estherman of the University of South Adelaide suspects that the truck driver was a “superspreader.”

Increasing scientific evidence shows that most COVID-19-positive people do not spread the virus widely, and most infections are spread by only 20 percent of infected people.

“He could have been shedding a lot of viruses, and potentially he was a superspreader,” said Professor Estherman.

The professor said clusters in the Victorian region, caused by just one person, should not upset the relaxation of Victoria’s restrictions on Sunday.

“Several restrictions will be lifted in Victoria on Sunday, and I don’t think the relaxation of these restrictions would have prevented the man from inadvertently going to the countryside to spread the disease,” he said. Said.

Many Sheparton restaurants, cafes, golf clubs, beauty salons and Bunnings Stores are considered dangerous zones, and anyone who visits these sites is encouraged to take a 14-day test and self-quarantine. ..

In a more aggressive approach to outbreak management, Weimar also asked home dwellers one of the exposed sites, along with those who visited the quarantine for 14 days.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the truck driver had been quarantined on September 30 when he traveled to Victoria if the same strategy was used at the time of the Chadstone outbreak.

An aggressive “third ring” strategy is an infection control measure that Professor Estherman wants to be used for all outbreaks in Victoria.

Police reportedly told people at the end of the line to go home and come back on news

“The low number of Victorias means that we can really go and crack down on that intensive contact tracing,” he said. “Contact tracers can easily handle the number of cases currently occurring in Victoria, and perhaps much more.”

Professor Sutton said contact tracers faced a difficult battle to get honest explanations of their movements and interactions from COVID-19-positive Victorians.


Professor Sutton said on Wednesday that it was being considered when asked if he could request a phone record, track or work log from the start of contact tracing to make sure people were telling the truth. It was.

“If we have to cross-examine, those forces are available,” he said. “If we need to investigate further, we use the tools available, but of course we rely on telling people the truth.”

Matt Sharp, CEO of Gluburn Valley Health, said he expects thousands of people to take the test in the coming days.

“If they were one of the five high-risk areas identified, people need to be tested immediately. Even if they have no symptoms, they want them to come forward and be tested. “

Asked if the number of people asked for self-quarantine as a precautionary measure could reach thousands, Sharp said nothing could be ruled out yet.

Australian Defense Force personnel were called to Shepparton to help with the test.

There will be long lines at Sheparton’s two test sites, which will extend business hours from 8am to 8pm Thursday. Goulburn Valley Health was working on the establishment of a third test site, which will open within 24 hours.

The Goulburn Valley Health Hotline can contact 1800 313 070 between 8 am and 8 pm.

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Benjamin is the regional editor of The Age. He was previously a state round reporter and was also in charge of education at The Age.

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