Careless budgets overlook the reality of many women’s lives

Also, women have to sacrifice work to save time or work at all to work as a caregiver, but ironically, only by not working at all can government incentives such as JobSeeker be given. You are eligible to receive it. The government budget does not seem to have a well-thought-out plan for childcare support for working parents, especially working mothers.

There are no tax refunds or any form of incentives or grants provided by the budget for women in this category.

Workers skillfully discovered this gap, and a noticeable lack of budget childcare was the cornerstone of the budget response speech.

Anthony Albanese’s plans to lift the childcare subsidy cap could ease some of this burden and return more mothers to full-time work, but nevertheless caring for the elderly and disabled I miss Mark, a woman who is struggling to play a role as a person.

Many families cannot afford to care for the elderly because of costs and other reasons. Some older immigrants who may find it difficult in such homes due to significant cultural and linguistic barriers. Workers must be praised for highlighting the exorbitant costs of childcare, which is a factor in women’s lack of participation in the workforce, but both parties have double-burdened women. I’m not thinking about tackling the broader question of how to help. It means that you have to work and act as your primary caregiver.


Every year, on a budget, focus on thanking and rewarding women (and men) who care for our most vulnerable people, or encouraging them to return to our workforce. I can’t guess. More than ever, we need a long-term plan to make women part of the plan to get the economy back on track. This budget missed the opportunity to provide additional tax refunds and government subsidies to working and caring women.

Men cannot get our economy back on track without women, and women should not be taken for granted both in the development and operation of offices. It is neither fair nor fair. Without a transparent, fair and sustainable budget for women, a country cannot prosper or revive our economy.

Dr. Shumi Akhtar is an associate professor at the University of Sydney Business School.

Place of originCareless budgets overlook the reality of many women’s lives

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