Cashflow Solutions for Hard Times

Will interest rates go up? Is it difficult to find staff? Inflationary pressures across the supply chain? Another La Niña summer? These can be difficult times for small businesses.

Staying on top of your cash flow is more important than ever. Did you know that a trusted tax or business advisor can help you develop a customized, effective and actionable cash flow strategy using the ATO? cash flow coaching kit?

This step-by-step resource is based on four key cash flow questions:

  • Are you trading profitably?
  • Do you have enough cash in reserve to meet your regular financial commitments?
  • Is your business good enough to spend on yourself and pay others?
  • Is your business ahead or lagging behind?

Using your answers to these questions, your advisor will work with you to develop a sustainable cash flow solution using a variety of tools.

  • A business health check to assess your current cash flow.
  • Find topics to identify cash flow issues.
  • A cashflow canvas that visually shows how cash flows in and out of your business.
  • Change your levers to improve your cash flow practices.
  • An action checklist that sets out the key actions required to improve cash flow.

Ask your tax advisor or business advisor about the Cash Flow Coaching Kit today. Can you really afford not to?

Cashflow Solutions for Hard Times

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