Catholic Church sets a 15-year-old programmer on the road to saints

There are many candidates for the most cyberpunk events of 2020. Drive-through strip club With a gas mask to protect the dancer from the pandemic?Or maybe the covid-19 test site Sponsored by Pepsi.. Alternatively, the president was quarantined for an infectious disease and moved to social media. The list will be long. A good example: The time has come for cyber saints.

Carlos Actis died of leukemia in 2006 at the age of 15. Since then, his notoriety among Catholics has grown and he was beatified at a ceremony at St. Francis of Assisi on Saturday. The boy was known in the church as a whim when it came to navigating the modern world and the Internet. He helped Catholic organizations maintain their website and worked on various personal development projects, most notably the miracle online catalog. He is now on track to become the first millennial saint.

Familiarity with technology is not enough to give a person a saint to the church. The story of a saint’s life requires mythical qualities that speak far away. His mother, Antonia Actis, told reporters that before Carlos was born it was not very religious and it was her son who brought her closer to the church. According to his mother, when he was only three years old, his family was drawn to a church past the street. He loves to pray for the Rosary, and one of his unfulfilled wishes was to travel to all parts of the world’s Eucharist miracles.

His obsession with Catholicism coincided with his love of early adolescent technology, and Actis began his work of spreading the gospel through the Internet tube. His list of outstanding works includes protecting fellow students from school bullying and setting up a support network for various friends whose parents have divorced.

After his death, the call for the beatification process began, and Acutis completed the first steps to becoming a “servant of God” in 2013. In 2018 he was declared “historic” and after a weekend ceremony he was given the title “blessed”.

Normally, to become a saint, the church must be aware of two miracles caused by the candidate. Earlier this year, the Pope said the chronic condition that caused a severe abdominal pain in a Brazilian boy had healed after a local parishioner obtained a relic from Carlos’ mother and asked the congregation to pray for Actis’ intervention. I approved the miracle of being told. More reports of miracles may come to meet standard saint standards, NPR, Pope Francis can also intervene and waive the requirement.

According to the Catholic News Agency, Actis has become a young Catholic hero who may offend other saints. “Carlo flesh out what a saint who plays video games and accesses the Internet looks like,” one Acutis fan told CNA. “He examines my conscience and challenges me to say,’OK, I’m also called to be an internet-using saint.'” Do I use it to signal God’s love? “

After the beatification ceremony, the excavated bodies of Actis will be visited by pilgrims until October 17 and placed in glass tombs for worship. The body is reportedly on display wearing the style of jeans and Nike sneakers that the boy loved in his life.

Catholic Church sets a 15-year-old programmer on the road to saints

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