Chappelle Colby searches for love on Instagram

After breaking up with her Balinese boyfriend, Chappelle Kobe asked the internet for help finding a ‘new four-leaf clover’.

Kobe shared a picture on Instagram on Saturday night, showing him holding the hand of former partner Ben Panangian on the beach.

“Looking for a new four-leaf clover. Attention. Help the girl and tag me,” she captioned the post.

Kobe shared an original photo in April 2019 when the couple, who remained in a long-distance relationship after being deported in 2017, posed for a beaming photo together on vacation.

The convicted Australian drug smuggler was believed to have parted ways with Panangian some time ago, but it’s unclear when he decided to go his separate ways.

Kobe previously shared that the couple wanted to have a baby together, even though Panajian’s criminal record made it virtually impossible for him to settle in Australia.

The couple caught up abroad in a country that doesn’t require a visa to enter.

Kobe spent almost ten years in prison in Bali for drug smuggling.

She first met Indonesian surfer Panangjian at Kerobokan Prison in 2006.

Many of Kobe’s 160,000 Instagram followers seemed eager to help her find another partner, and many were happy to provide friends.

“She’s single and ready to date,” one person wrote in a comment, tagging a friend.

“The only flag you see with you is green,” wrote the man who claimed to be enthusiastic.

“Girls picked me!!!! I’m single,” said another.

first published as Chappelle Kobey searches for love on Instagram after breaking up with boyfriend in Bali

Chappelle Colby searches for love on Instagram

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