Charli XCX Talks About Her Upcoming Metaverse Concert

Charli XCX always on the edge of things, constantly transversing and expanding the boundaries of pop and stardom, so it makes sense that he’s going to push his show through new from the edge. On June 17, it – or, rather, the simulated version of it – will perform a concert inside metaverse, partnered with Samsung to launch exclusive streaming on Roblox’s virtual-reality platform. But before she uploads her avatar into the cloud and brings it to the pixelated stage, we have a chance to catch up with Charli XCX in real life.

Like many artists, Charli XCX himself has long been associated with his art, and he has long been identified as the type of avatar for pop that skews experimental, untamed, and slightly unhinged. His latest album, “Collision“, is its most important content and still has the potential to make it the most powerful.” I have a high voltage, self-destruct, “he sang in the title run, repeat the forbidden “I’m about to fall” with the kind of ecstasy that can also be easily used for, say, a song about planning to make it big or to have the best night of your life.

“Crash” also found that he frequently chose to embrace his ability for patience, music-sounding, abandoning the best of facts for what he was talking about “selling.” He worked with a poster for the first time with the album, made all the promos and accepted all the external formats that came with that. “Selling out is enough,” he told POPSUGAR over the phone.

It is five hours in Barcelona, ​​and he has not scheduled a game of Primavera Suab until two in the morning, but he was already in his hotel, face to face, ready for the show. “It was so much fun to make these songs and play my little competitions with my fans,” he added. “I’m very passionate about music, and I think they like it, too. Even people who have hated me before – they’ve kept it a secret, which I know they will be.”

“Crash” is a summer-soaked game of self-destruction, which makes it euphoric and glamorous. For Charli XCX, her life reflects her art. “I think modern, but then at the same time, the modern I usually fall into is a no-brainer, going on a journey,” he confesses. “When I was passionate about always doing it, I also did not like to do anything all the time. It was totally conflicting. I wanted to go back to the studio, but I also thought I should rest so I get. Good idea to go back to the studio. It’s a problem. again. It’s a bad circle, I think. ”

That pattern, the constant cycle of death at night and rebirth in time for the next party, is the essence of “Crash” – and it is also the cycle that many fans, or anyone who thinks they themselves are changing. between the rise and fall, can interfere with. His sincerity and his willingness to explore and, in a way, his self-exploitation are part of what has helped his group of devotees, if at all. , the fans connected with it very deep.

“I want the bad guys to do everything I know / I always let the good guys go,” she sings for “Good Bad,” a personal favorite comment in her voice like a an indication of the negative; Clearly, it will do this. Of course, not all of his music is autobiographical. “Some of them are completely fabricated,” he said of his song ideas. “Some of them are super based on what happens in my life. Sometimes songs are almost a way to fix bugs, maybe.” Finally, they are looking for an interpretation.

Charli XCX has opened up about the fact that her real life – or at least the version of her debut – reveals the dizziness of glamor and chaos that defines her music, and when it comes to music. Well, it has to be difficult. “It is sometimes very difficult for those around me to keep up, because one minute I have the best time and I do something beautiful and attractive, and then the other time I like, let me Alone., I had to cry on my own, “he said. “I feel frustrated in real life, because I’m sure it’s for a lot of people all over the world.”

It is about that. And like many people in the real world – albeit admittedly, tourism is associated with inconsistencies – it’s worn and gone. “I’m probably not doing very well now,” he said when asked about the state of his heart. “One of the downsides of traveling is being in different areas on a regular basis,” he added. “Your sleep patterns and mood patterns are hanging by a thread. I have not been able to follow the treatment or mostly take care of myself. That was a little difficult, and I can feel the stress start to build up in me. Basically, I need a break … I do not know if I can continue to the level of a long cycle. “Good luck, the rest depends on it. “That’s coming,” he said. “I think I can come back and relax.”

But before that, it needs to upload itself into the metaverse. He thinks the VR performance will allow him to connect with fans around the world; he also likes the creative potential contained in the digital medium. At the end of the day, he is an innovator before anything else – a real pop star of the future, as it were. has been named before.

Maybe he’s still the pop star of our current internet age. With its constant kaleidoscopic streams of clickbait news and bad news, and its unrestricted capabilities that allow for unrestricted creativity as well as uninterrupted, digital dimension seems to fit it well. If anyone can bring really good video footage to the transition, Charli XCX will be the one.

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