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The thing is, seeing Lauren James and Sam Kerr up front puts any other concerns to rest. It makes a lot of sense for them to form partnerships, allow them to focus on attacking and pressing, and not waste time and energy chasing enemy full-backs. Most centre-backs are used to marking one striker instead of this frankly poor quality of his two strikers.

I feel like an idiot wondering about Emma Hayes’ decision. But I much prefer Fran Kirby in the middle to the left. I can understand why she’s playing her 3-4-1-2. This gives the team solid defense and a silly amount of offensive flexibility. But City and just about everyone else will definitely target the area behind the wide midfielder.

By the way, Sky gives this a full hour build-up: it’s about time. Let’s hope this becomes a regular occurrence, not just when there’s a big game at the men’s international tournament this weekend.

Regarding the city They changed both full-backs, bringing in Caasparaji and Ouahabi, who signed for the summer, and in midfield, another new arrival, Castellanos, also made her first start, replacing Angeldal.

Hayes makes three changes: Berger replaced Musvich at the net and Mielde and Fleming instead of Charles and Ingle in midfield. My guess is that Cuthbert will move from center to the right and the two will end up on the center bunk. Oh, and Harder isn’t on the team, so he must still be injured.

We’ll take a closer look at them now Meanwhile, though, a Rachel Daly penalty saw Villa lead at Leicester, and Lee Geum-min put Brighton ahead of Reading at home.


Chelsea (expert 3-4-1-2): Burger; Bright, Buchanan, Ericsson. Cuthbert, Mielde, Fleming, Kirby. Reiten; Kerr, James. sub: Musovic, Ingle, Carter, England, Svitkova, Perisett, Canalid, Kankovic.

Manchester City (non-negotiable 4-3-3): Roebuck; Casparizi, Houghton, Greenwood, Uahavi. Aleisandri, Castellanos, Coombs. Kelly, Shaw, Hemp. sub: McIver, Keating, Stokes, Fowler, Angeldahl, Laso, Losada, Hutchings, Brakstad


Bryan Clough said in a post-match interview: “On paper we were a good team. Unfortunately the game was played on the grass”. The words that came to mind when City, who had lost to Villa and were leading 3-2 with 15 points to go, lost to Villa.

As it happens, City’s defeat was not Overall Amazingly, Lucy Bronze and Keira Walsh have moved to Barcelona while Ellen White, Karen Bardsley and Jill Scott have retired. And the importance of a comeback should not be underestimated given that Arsenal finished second in the league last season, with only one loss for him.

But Emma Hayes doesn’t panic. She knows it will take some time before her new signatures are consolidated — only Kadeisha Buchanan, of the five, started last week — and with Lauren James and Sam Kerr, she has a ridiculous force striker. Last unused sub. It is quite possible that things will work out for you soon and that is today.

At City, Gareth Taylor is in a similar situation but is building from a relatively weaker spot. Yes, and, like Hayes, must decide whether or not to throw others and let them find their way.

Before the season started, Taylor was adamant that his team was aiming for the title. Hayes isn’t the first good manager to pack a big domestic pot while pursuing Champions League success.

So this afternoon we have an absolute load of abuse.

Kickoff: 4pm

Chelsea v Manchester City: Women’s Super League – Live Update | Women’s Super League

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