China, Russia and terrorism are Britain’s biggest long-term threats, says the new MI5 boss

Prime Minister Theresa May and Boris Johnson wanted to include Chinese companies, but after a conservative parliamentary rebellion and intense lobbying by the Trump administration, final after personal lobbying from Australia. We were forced to introduce a plan to phase out Huawei’s equipment.

McCallum welcomed the UK Government’s plans to tighten rules on foreign investment and foreign agents. This is a change that Australia has already made to counter China’s intervention.

The UK has become a major battleground for Huawei’s participation in the country’s 5G networks. credit:AP

“Current law leaves a gap. Some of the most damaging activities we have to face cannot now be pursued through the criminal court. That’s not right,” he said.

“The legislative claim to raise British defense to a level enjoyed by many friends is compelling.”

MI5 boss Ken McCarran.

MI5 boss Ken McCarran.

Russia is currently “having the most serious impact on Britain,” McCallum said, but it was China that posed a longer-term threat.

“You might think that Russian intelligence is providing a burst of bad weather while China is changing its climate,” he said when asked by a British Sky News reporter.

His Russian and Chinese spies no longer contained state secret theft, but were also involved in assassinations, democratic collapse, and invasion of infrastructure and academia.

“It covers a really wide range,” he said.

McCallum’s speech was welcomed by former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith, who led the indictment for China’s investment in Britain.

“Finally the message came through,” he said. Sydney Morning Herald And The times.

“China now poses a significant threat to the UK, which the new MI5 director acknowledges.

“He’s right. He wants the government to recognize the extent of the threat, review the mistakes of the previous administration, and limit its reliance on this authoritarian communist regime, which is guilty of serious human rights abuses.” He said.


But McCallum said the espionage agency’s biggest mission remains three types of terrorism. Northern Ireland’s “rejectionist” group, Islamic extremists and right-wing terrorism, have not progressed since the Good Friday agreement was mediated 22 years ago.

Mr McCallum said the threat of right-wing terrorism was not as great as that of Muslims, but the problem is growing.

He said the growth of young people attracted to right-wing extremism suggests that “this threat will lie in us in the coming years.”

“Since 2017, eight of Britain’s 27 end-of-life terrorist attack programs confused by MI5 and anti-terrorism crackdowns have been right-wing militants,” McCallum said.

He said in Germany that right-wing terrorism is now a greater threat than that posed by Islamists.


In 2016, Labor Party Jo Cox was assassinated by a right-wing terrorist during a referendum campaign. His murder was repeatedly described as “Britain First” and “for Britain” to “maintain Britain and independence”.

The Australian Labor Party urges Australia to join Five Eyes intelligence allies, including the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand and Canada, ban white supremacist groups as terrorist organizations and prevent them from funding each other. There is.

ASIO says it has stepped up its right-wing terrorist surveillance following the Christchurch massacre by Australian Brenton Tarrant.

Tarant is listed on a banned terrorist in New Zealand, and his manifesto was confiscated during a raid on neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe, including Ukraine.

Latika Bourke is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, based in London.

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China, Russia and terrorism are Britain’s biggest long-term threats, says the new MI5 boss

Source link China, Russia and terrorism are Britain’s biggest long-term threats, says the new MI5 boss

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