China’s ambassador to Australia Xiao Chen issues alarming warning about Taiwan

China has warned Australia that it is ready to use “all necessary means” to defend Taiwan’s sovereignty, in connection with Taiwan’s warning that there will be “no compromises”.

China’s Australian ambassador, who rejects the word aggression and insists Taiwan should be peacefully reunited with its “motherland”, suggested Australians “be imaginative” about what it means.

In a speech to the National Press Club, Shao Chen Asked about China’s new Taiwan white paper, which claims that it “will not renounce the use of force and reserves the option to take all necessary measures.”

“Why the Chinese government precisely considers the ‘compelling circumstances’ to justify the use of force to Australians who are anxious and worried about a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan and the inevitable consequences of that invasion. Could you please explain across the strait? ’ was asked.

The Chinese ambassador replied, “First of all, I don’t want to use the word ‘aggression’ when talking about China and Taiwan.”

“Taiwan is unlike any other scenario or situation.

“Taiwan is not an independent country. It is not an independent country. Taiwan is a province of the People’s Republic of China.

“It’s about reunification, full reunification, and Taiwan’s return to the motherland.

“China has been waiting patiently for decades. We are waiting for peaceful reunification.

“But we cannot. We cannot rule out the option of using other means. We are ready to use all necessary means, if necessary, if forced to do so.” What does “means” mean? You can use your imagination. ”

The Chinese ambassador was then harshly criticized for French media reports that “if China takes over Taiwan, it will re-educate its 23 million people.”

“Can you confirm yes or no? Is that the policy of the Chinese government? Will China re-educate the Taiwanese people to change their minds about the Chinese Communist Party?” he was asked.

“It’s natural to understand that their view of China, their view of their homeland, may look somewhat different,” he replied.

“My personal understanding is that once Taiwan is reunified and returned to the motherland, there may be a process for Taiwanese people to correctly understand China about the motherland.”

Asked about the detention of Australian citizen Chen Lei Chen, he said she was being held under “Chinese rules and laws”.

“Their basic rights are well protected. No need to worry,” he said.

He called the incident highly unfortunate, reflecting recent accusations that Chinese fighter jets made dangerous maneuvers in front of Australian reconnaissance planes.

“It just happened to be a big area in the South China Sea in general,” he said.

“It happened in a particular place. The place is within the territory of an island belonging to China.

“Like you, you are in your house, someone is driving a car on your property, holding a gun and trying to look into your window. So you have to come out and at least tell those people to keep their distance.

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China’s ambassador to Australia Xiao Chen issues alarming warning about Taiwan

Source link China’s ambassador to Australia Xiao Chen issues alarming warning about Taiwan

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