Chris Pratt labeled “I can’t hear the tone” by joking about the US elections on Instagram

Chris Pratt is enthusiastic about social media with recent voting jokes.

Marvel Star, 41, was promoting his Pixar movie Or later He encouraged fans to vote for this year’s People’s Choice Awards on Instagram, but many online people commented that it was less than a month after the 2020 presidential election. I felt bad.

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media_cameraChris Pratt was accused of election jokes while promoting the movie “Onward.” Photo: Getty Images.

“Voting is more important than ever, given everything that’s happening in the world,” Pratt wrote.

“Ask celebrities. They will tell you. Every day. Many times a day. Vote. But I? I will tell you exactly who to vote for.

“The heroes in front of us weren’t just bleeding to waste sacrifices due to your indifference,” he continued. “The upcoming 2020 People’s Choice Awards are the most important vote in human history, with an infinity of one million times.”

“Please vote for this year’s family movie #Onward,” he concludes. “Or otherwise. You will die. No exaggeration. Click on the link in my biography. Let me hear your voice.”

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Pratt’s comment section was flooded with both negative and positive praise.

“This is very insensitive. Read the room. Oh, I waited for you to do and decided to mock people,” another said.

Someone else pointed out, “I wish I found this interesting.”

While another follower points out, “YIKES. Imagine the amount of privilege a person can have to write this sullen post.”

Others have come to Pratt’s defense.

“Everyone is really losing their sense of humor. This is just a carefree post, and that’s not a bad thing. Nobody elects because Chris Pratt posted about the People’s Choice Awards. I wouldn’t take it so seriously, “one inferred.

Pratt and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, welcomed their first child, daughter Lira Maria, together in August. Photo: Getty Images.
media_cameraPratt and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, welcomed their first child, daughter Lira Maria, together in August. Photo: Getty Images.

“It’s a tough time now, so he’s just making a friendly joke,” someone else wrote.

Another said, “People are literally very sensitive to everything, stretch their spine and make jokes. It’s crazy.”

Pratt has not officially approved the candidate, but in 2017 he said Men’s fitness He didn’t feel “represented” by either Democrats or Republicans.

“We really feel that there is something in common that is overlooked because we focus on what separates us,” he said at the time. “You are either the Red States or the Blue States, left or right. Not everything is politics. And maybe that’s what I want to bridge because I represent on either side. I don’t feel it is done. “

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First published as a misfire in the star’s “tone deaf” election joke

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