Christmas Shopping Savings: Hacks to Earn More Cash Before the Ludicrous Season

Christmas is a busier time for credit cards than the guy in the big red suit, but shopping smart can save you time and money during those silly times.

And with the current cost of living pressure, there’s no need to overload one sled by budgeting and paying for gifts and celebratory food.

It’s simply a matter of being organized, sensible, disciplined, and doing your homework thoroughly.

Financial advisor James Gerard recommends opening a Christmas savings account now.

“Set up automatic transfers from your main bank account to your bank account every week and you will be amazed at how fast it grows,” he said. “Some credit his card his providers offer zero interest deals around Christmas time. Don’t overspend or create bigger debt problems.”

Create a budget with subheadings for ancillary expenses such as gifts, food, and decorations.

Calculate the cash value of each item that doesn’t exceed your budget and stick to it.

Big budget tickets for December are sure to make a gift, so vote your friends and relatives on their money-saving ideas now.

Gerrard suggests redeeming gifts such as unused gift cards and candle gift packs.

Or, unleash your creative talents and save money by making your own gifts. Ultimately, it’s the idea that counts.

If you’re short of inspiration, look for craft ideas online or at your local hardware store.

Email your loved ones a Christmas card or create your own design through our free e-card site.

And shopping costs money. The same product may be sold at a much lower price in another store, even within the same shopping center.

“One tip is to shop online and not complete the checkout process,” says Gerrard.

“If you keep an item in your cart, many retailers will track you and give you a discount code to complete the transaction.

“Retailers know that Christmas is the peak spending season, so discounts are rarely offered towards Christmas. Buy gifts in the months leading up to May.”

Stock up on food and save money by keeping an eye out for catalog specials.

“With over 6,500 specials each week, customers can save up to 50 percent off their purchases,” said Coles ambassador Courtney Rollston.

“In the last few weeks before Christmas, you can buy long-lasting and frozen products early and spend more of your budget on some amazing value items.”

Swipe your Flybuys card to earn points and redeem them for further discounts in the shop.

Find delicious specials

Georgie Gross proves that being the perfect Christmas host takes preparation.

“Rising costs of living and rising interest rates will force us to plan and budget even more this year,” she said.

“The impact of the Covid pandemic on supply chains is still far-reaching. If you don’t plan, you run the risk of missing out or paying a premium, so to save as much money as possible, what is extra is always checked.

“I recently saw hundreds of items that Coles has priced to help families shop each week, which is very useful when getting ready for Christmas.”

Coles now sells a wide range of Christmas cakes, puddings and fruit mince pies in-store.

Coles ambassador Courtney Rolston said, “These popular treats will extend beyond the festive season for customers who want to buy early and spread their Christmas expenses over the coming months. It has a long shelf life that lasts.

To keep your menu hassle-free, she suggests picking one protein that will be the star of your spread.

“Choosing one protein means you can focus on cooking it to perfection and pairing it with several different sides.

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Christmas Shopping Savings: Hacks to Earn More Cash Before the Ludicrous Season

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