Citrix Workspace with the highest level of IRAP rating

After a review by an Australian Government auditor, Citrix Workspace was rated at the “Protection” level of the Information Security Registered Evaluator Program (IRAP).

This rating targets Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops services, including the Citrix Workspace platform, Citrix Gateway service (HDX proxy), and Citrix Identity service.

“As remote work styles become more commonplace and the needs of Australian workplaces change, it is imperative to comply with new developments and regulations to maintain the highest levels of data and application security,” said Citrix Asia. Pacific and Japan field CTO Fafi says. Obedura.

“This assessment reflects Citrix’s ongoing commitment to providing maximum transparency and accessibility to our partners and customers. Companies are forced, especially by many Australians, to work remotely. In an era of great economic and social uncertainty, we deserve safe and secure access to our most valuable assets. ”

The regulatory framework is based on a risk assessment approach, investigating the specific strengths and weaknesses of individual security controls.

Each applicant will be evaluated by an Australian Signal Authority (ASD) auditor.

Citrix Workspace protection level classification means that the security controls required to process, store, and communicate sensitive information (including personal and authentication data) are evaluated and meet test criteria.

“This IRAP rating represents the highest level of protection for the data available in Australia, and our partners and customers should be more confident than ever,” says Obei dullah.

The IRAP Assessment is an ASD initiative aimed at providing government agencies with a detailed security assessment of information and communication technology services.

As a Citrix customer, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is already aware of the benefits of investing in technology that mobilizes entire employees using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, especially during a global pandemic. ..

“Citrix has completed a protected IRAP assessment of virtual apps and desktop services on Citrix Cloud and is considering building it on a hybrid IT strategy,” said CISO Julian Doak of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“By reducing complexity and leveraging the benefits of Citrix managed services, we can continue to control where and how workloads are deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. This hybrid approach adapts to changing workloads. The agility needed to scale up and down quickly is especially important during the census provided by Citrix Cloud. ”

Citrix Workspace with the highest level of IRAP rating

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