Claroty Announces New Cloud-Based Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

A cyber-physical systems (CPS) security company spanning industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments has launched Claroty xDome, a new cloud-based industrial cybersecurity platform.

According to the company, the Claroty xDome is the first solution in the industry to offer the ease of use and scalability of SaaS without compromising the breadth and depth of visibility, protection and supervisory control. Claroty said they are integral to CPS’s overall security journey, especially amid the rapid expansion of his CPS in the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT).

According to Gartner, over time, the technologies underpinning critical infrastructure have become more digital, connected to enterprise IT systems and interconnected to create cyber-physical systems.

CPS consists of legacy infrastructure (deployed years ago without built-in security) and new assets, which are also deployed rife with vulnerabilities. This has greatly increased the attack surface for hackers and malicious actors, and his CPS that underpins most of this critical infrastructure is increasingly under attack.

Gartner predicts that by 2024, 80% of critical infrastructure organizations will abandon existing siled security solution providers in favor of hyperconverged solutions to bridge cyber-physical and IT risk. I predict it will.

Claroty says xDome addresses this need by supporting the complete CPS security journey of any organization, regardless of the type of cyber-physical systems underpinning its operations, current stage of maturity, or network architecture. . Also this:

The broadest and most detailed asset discovery capabilities of any SaaS solution

According to Claroty, a complete XIoT asset inventory is the cornerstone of CPS security, and achieving it requires a combination of multiple asset discovery methods tailored to the unique needs of each environment. While other his SaaS solutions rely only on passive monitoring, xDome offers other methods in addition to this, making it an effective asset for customers to leverage both his discovery and the ease and scalability of his SaaS. Offers.

Vulnerability and risk management support backed by award-winning research

Claroty says key barriers to resilience and vulnerability are uniquely prevalent in industrial environments. xDome removes this barrier by associating each asset with findings from Claroty’s award-winning Team82 research division and a database of known defects, providing custom risk scoring and remediation guidance to help customers find the most Help you prioritize and mitigate critical risks.

Network segmentation controls to protect against growing risks

Effective segmentation is essential to minimize exposure to cyber and operational risk, but the complexity, vulnerability, and criticality of CPS make it difficult and dangerous to implement. There is even According to Claroty, xDome addresses this challenge by clearly defining segmentation policies that can be automatically and securely enforced through existing infrastructure.

Detection and response capabilities against known and unknown threats

Claroti recognizes that no environment is threat-free, and xDome helps customers quickly identify and remediate attack vectors, identify and respond to early signs of both known and unknown threats, It says it will allow these features to be integrated with existing SOC tools and workflows.

Claroty CEO Yaniv Vardi says asset discovery is an urgent need, but the asset inventory itself is not the source of value.

“By supplementing asset information with vulnerability and risk management, organizations are at a far greater advantage, from responding to cyber threats and incidents already present in their networks to proactively preventing them from taking hold in the first place. We can pivot to a position where

“Making this shift is critical to achieving cyber and operational resilience, and xDome helps our customers do it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Claroty Announces New Cloud-Based Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

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