Clean up your LinkedIn underwear before you do anything else

You might be thinking I’m crazy for headlines about underwear and LinkedIn.

But everything becomes clear!

Proper underwear is essential to making your clothes feel and look great. Almost every woman will attest to the magic of a good bra and how shapewear can transform an outfit.

Men will prove the difference between suits and shirts that match high-quality underwear and the breathability of the fabric.

Underwear is the foundation of your personal style and comfort, influencing your confidence and movement throughout the day.

Making poor choices can make you fidgety, self-conscious, or, as others observe, uncomfortable.

It’s the same with LinkedIn. The top card on your profile is LinkedIn’s virtual underwear.

If they don’t feel good and aren’t fit for purpose, everything else they do on the platform can and will be in jeopardy.

A compelling, clear and informative profile enhances other activities. All roads lead to your profile from Google and Search.

Poor quality and a lack of profiles hinder networking, social selling, engagement, and content contribution.

truth bomb

Humans are visual creatures, often timeless and lazy. We want to consume information as quickly and easily as possible. Also, it will be appreciated if you make it easy for others to get to know you.

When people who don’t know you land on your LinkedIn profile, they’re always[概要]You may or may not have read the section completely. However, banners, photos, and headlines are displayed. And in those few nanoseconds, you have the power to inform and influence.

Let’s take a look at each element of underwear.


A banner image is like a mini-website window into your profile and brand value.

The naked banner (default green mode) looks useless, lazy and disconnected. They say that a nice landscape is better than nakedness, but that doesn’t serve the purpose and doesn’t help to make an impact. they should always be.

  • Align with the brand and representation of your business, values ​​and goals.
  • Unique, creative, customized visual pleasure and readability.
  • Stimulate the desire to know more. It portrays a tribal feel and professionalism. People identify what is presented and whether it suits their needs. Be proud of what you represent.

220 characters (not all you want or need to use) has plenty of room to clearly share who, what, and where.

Headings should be searchable and contain strong, relevant keywords to identify your business service. The first 60 characters should be your best, as they will show up every time you comment or share in your newsfeed.

Forget the pouty sales jargon. No ninja, warrior, guru, or flamethrower type fluff. Keep your banner tagline and very creative copy. If you really want to add something weird, add it at the end so it doesn’t affect searches.


You cannot trust an invisible person. Do not leave this blank. Make sure your photo settings are set to ‘Anyone can view’. Photos that show the best version of you and match what people can expect to see in person or on screen are important.

Perception must equal reality.

old saying

We all know the old saying to always wear nice underwear in case you have an accident or whatever.

Even if your business is doing great and you’re not giving flying boxers about LinkedIn, things can change in nanoseconds. So, just in case, make sure your profile underwear is great.

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Clean up your LinkedIn underwear before you do anything else

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