Colleagues say we should treat COVID like the flu. Really?

“No one thinks about the economy? It would be an acceptable response. But it’s far from the economy.

When the pandemic started, Work Therapy readers asked what the “economy” was, Short answer from independent economist Saul Eslake It was “a set of arrangements by which persons and institutions create, acquire, and exchange things of value.” Implicit in this definition is the fact that economies exist everywhere, some among small groups of people, and some across whole countries or continents.

“Sick leave may take labor out of the ‘economy’, but it also reduces the chance of infection in the office.”

So the first thing I would like to point out is that there is no single economy. And even if we assume that people use “economy” as a shorthand for the largest collection of commercial networks that make up the global economic system, it is so complex that it is a system or a complete system. It does not change the fact that it cannot be separated into Non-commercial decisions.

Also, as Eslake told me years ago, “it’s always changing, showing both short-term fluctuations and long-term trends”. I am not talking about some kind of static, fragile statue that is

If you want to be unnecessarily generous here, critics of your work know all this, claiming that your “bad” decisions have a small but negative impact on a small part of the “economy.” And when a lot of people make the same decisions, big problems arise. But even if this is true, how can they be sure about your particular decision?

Taking sick leave may take away the ‘economy’ of work, but it also reduces the chances of infection in the office. That means fewer people getting sick.


And that brings us back to the “economy” as a sort of impossible independent entity. Unless you believe that people’s health and the “economy” are totally irrelevant and do not affect each other, it is very difficult to state that you should be in the office out of financial necessity.

Your colleague’s words have never been fair. They were really intolerable. But so long as we stick to the myth that the “economy” is at the same time an all-powerful and unknown deity worthy of our loyal service and a little motherless bird in need of our constant protection. will continue to make such ridiculous comments.

We hope you and your family are back in top shape soon.

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Colleagues say we should treat COVID like the flu. Really?

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