Commonwealth Games 2022: Australia win gold in Hockey Loose vs England final

The Hockey Loose picked a bad time to start conceding goals.

The Australians were denied gold at the Commonwealth Games after England came under fire in the final on Monday morning (AEST).

The tough loss extends an eight-year drought in the Hockey Loose’s major championships.

The Hockey Loose have not won a Commonwealth, Olympic or World Cup since Glasgow 2014.

It was a heartbreaking result for the Hockey Loose, who braved the local crowd in Birmingham.

Ultimately, they ended up ruining the second quarter when England scored two important goals. England won her 2–1 and Australia were relegated to silver medals.

It was the first time England won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Former Hockey Loose star Georgie Parker said Australia just didn’t have the firepower up front to get back into the contest after falling behind.

“Australia was a little off the beaten path today,” she said in the Channel 7 commentary.

“Apart from the first opener, it was difficult to score. Just four goals in the last three games. And that’s what happened here. Australia weren’t able to pull off a win today, but It wasn’t without effort.”

The Hockey Loose were outnumbered in the first quarter and had to field three consecutive corners to lock the score at 0–0 at quarter time.

However, the Australian eventually conceded when, for the first time in the entire tournament, Holly Hunt appeared in the circle unmarked and tapped on goal.

A few minutes later England had a second second when Tess Howard deflected a shot at close range. The goal came after Penny Squibb failed to track down the England runners allowing the opposition to get inside the circle.

It was close to game over in the third quarter when England hit the post from the penalty corner, but Australia were still beating 2-0 heading into the fourth quarter.

With five minutes left, a hockey-loose moment came and they scored a penalty corner, but were unable to get past England keeper Madeleine Hinch.

They were doing all they could and began impromptu offensive moves in an attempt to destabilize the British defense. nothing worked.

“It’s chaos. It’s absolute chaos,” said Parker.

“I like that they’re doing variations there. Straight penalties aren’t going according to plan. They just haven’t scored. They’re working all over the place and there’s a lot of tired girls out there. It looks like there is.”

Australia scored a late consolation goal from Rosie Malone with 19 seconds remaining, but it wasn’t enough to put England on edge before the final whistle was blown.

Australia then advanced to the final Blockbuster semifinal win over India exploded in controversy.

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Commonwealth Games 2022: Australia win gold in Hockey Loose vs England final

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