Commonwealth Games 2022 Closing Ceremony Time in Australia: Victoria 2026,

The four traditional owners, Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung, Wadawurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung and Gunaikurnai, Commonwealth Games To Victorian Land in 2026.

For the first time for the Commonwealth Games Federation, the elders will be part of the official handover at Tuesday morning’s closing ceremony in Birmingham. I will officially pass the baton to Victoria in 2026.

Elders from Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo and Gippsland will present message sticks to Dame Louise Martin, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

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The message stick is an invitation to walk the country in 2026 when Victoria hosts the Commonwealth Games in the region from 17-19 March 2026.

Treaty First Peoples Minister Gabriel Williams said, “The traditional and contemporary culture of the First Peoples will be at the heart of the Handover Games in Victoria 2026. It will be the centerpiece of our performance at the ceremony.”

The Victorian regional concept is new to the competition and is the forerunner of a coalition of smaller countries and territories from the Pacific and Africa to bid for future competitions.

Assisting the elders are Victorian singer and rap musician, whose real name is Danzal Baker, Baker Boy, Vanessa Amorosi, and Geelong singer-songwriter Taylor Henderson.

Commonwealth Games Delivery Jacinta Allan said:

“We are proud to have our very talented Baker Boys and four Elders playing a key role in the closing ceremony in Birmingham.”

At handover, the Commonwealth Games flag will be handed over to the Governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau.

The Closing Ceremony was assisted by four young Victorians from the local TAFE who were involved in stage management, management and event production during rehearsals in Melbourne.

The Special Role of the Victorian Lawn Bowler

Barry Lester, a Victorian lawn bowler, Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Australia’s most prolific Lone Bowl medalist, with four separate pieces of silverware bearing his name, including silver in Birmingham – Leicester will hand over the Commonwealth Games Federation flag to Victoria Governor Linda Dessau as it lowers in the West Midlands of England on Tuesday morning.

As part of Commonwealth Games tradition, the host country’s players always pass the flag to the next host country’s players before it is passed to the officials.

Leicester, who turned 40 in January of this year, was named for this honor due to his outstanding record and connection to the region of Victoria, which will host most of the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

He was born at Bendigo Base Hospital across from the 2026 venue, What Lawns Bowls.

Representing Australia at three Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006, Gold Coast 2018 and Birmingham 2022, winning bronze (2006), two silvers (2018) and one silver this time. has earned

Lester had already left Birmingham and was on vacation in Europe when he received a call asking him to come back to join the handover, but he showed no hesitation.

“I was actually in Spain and had a few fun days in the sun and then played golf and went home,” he said.

“The other day someone asked me, ‘What does it mean to win a medal?’ And I said, ‘The color of the medal is decorative.

“The medal is a symbol of the effort and help of others who got you there and was able to do this, another one of them.”

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Commonwealth Games 2022 Closing Ceremony Time in Australia: Victoria 2026,

Source link Commonwealth Games 2022 Closing Ceremony Time in Australia: Victoria 2026,

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