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hockey: India won the bronze medal and their women upset New Zealand on penalties after the Kiwis equalized in the second half. Something upsetting it.

India’s Nitu Nitu wins gold in boxing

England’s Demi Jade Lestan has to settle for silver after missing out on the women’s minimumweight title after losing to India’s Nitu Nitu by unanimous decision.

cycling: Anyway, let’s get back to that glamorous women’s road race finish. As they approached the final 200m, Australia’s 1-2-3 was watching, but Scotland’s Neah Evans slipped past her left to score a stunning silver. However, Georgia Baker only held on and her Australian teammate Sarah Roy won the bronze medal. The Eluned King of Wales was her 8th and the highest placed British rider was Alice Barnes who was her 10th.

Zambia’s Mzala Samconga wins gold in men’s 400m

Athletics: England’s Matt Hudson-Smith won gold with a barnstorming finish for Zambia’s Mzala Samconga. Hudson-Smith started strongly and the race still seemed to be under control as he exited the final corner, but his own strong run was thwarted in the final 20m as Samconga ran through the outside, leaving the shadows behind. Thinner. A demonstration of his 19-year-old performance and potential in Zambia. Barbados’ Jonathan Jones wins bronze.

Australian cycling gold, Scottish silver!

Cycling: The men’s 400m is just getting started, so more on this finish later.

cycling: Sprint finish with 2km to go and could be set for Australia/England/Canada set

A cycling fan’s constant lament: “I cut out the back to glue a new shelf,” writes Ian Bruce. best bit. what happened? “iPlayer is your friend of course, but I sympathize. Aside from the little thing he does DIY on Sunday mornings, I can’t count.”

cycling: With 8km to go, you’ll have to fantasize about Australia with three riders in the front group to take control of the final stages. Anna Shaklee from Scotland is one of them.

cricket: To all the England fans, I apologize for the jinx over there. As soon as I hit “submit” on the last entry, Sciver was cast by her Sophie Devine enemy 27, after which he was played by Dunkley on her 8.England 48-4 after-eight in tricky situation again

Nigeria’s Tobi Amsan wins gold in 100m hurdles

Athletics: The favorite broke the game record with a comfortable, effortless-looking win of 12.30 seconds, adding to last month’s world title. Amisan’s victory was never in doubt from about 50 meters away, comfortably clearing silver medalist Devin Charlton of the Bahamas on 12.59. And Cindy Sember finished her third, giving England the bronze medal.

cricket: A decent recovery from England, with Nat Sciver and Sophia Dunkley playing with characteristic fluency and cunning, taking the score to 42 for 2 in seven overs.

England’s Wilson wins bronze in table tennis

Table tennis: Ross Wilson won the men’s singles bronze medal match against Nigeria’s Tajudine Agumbiade.

Preparing for the women’s 100m hurdles at Alexander Stadium.

cycling: Now Australia’s lead break is prompting a response from Canada but they are unable to hold it and have a lead group of around seven with 22km remaining.An interesting sprint finish is likely at Warwick .

cricket: England were again struggling 10-2 in three overs against New Zealand, with Danny Wyatt spooning Jensen’s late ball mid-off and Alice Capsey being caught gays off-row. Given Capsey’s recent form and talent, it has been a huge blow to England and the crowd.

badminton: The pair of Singapore’s Hee Yong Kai Terry and Tan Wei Han defeated Malaysia’s Kian Meng and Lai Pei Jeng to face England’s Lauren Smith and Marcus Ellis in tomorrow’s final.

cricket: England win the toss and face New Zealand at Edgbaston.while inside hockey In the women’s bronze medal match, India led New Zealand 1-0 with just over a quarter remaining. New Zealand were disallowed after a lengthy television review process.

cycling: The breakaway group is now more or less caught up in an Australian-led breakaway from the front of the peloton

Some more recommended reading: Esports debuted with these Commonwealth Games, and Andy Bull is absorbing it. His verdict: Kids are fine, but watch out for adults with pound signs in their eyes.

It wasn’t the best game to spend screen time with, nor the players, who were mostly teenagers, but all the executives were looking to get in on the action.

cycling: Five riders – England’s Anna Henderson, Australia’s Ruby Roseman Gannon, New Zealand’s Niamh Fisher-Black, Canada’s Alison Jackson and Scotland’s Anna Shackley – made a proper breakaway with 38km to go. I’m here.

badminton: In the mixed doubles semi-finals, England’s Lauren Smith and Marcus Ellis defeated Scotland’s Adam Hall and Julie McPherson 2-0 (21-14, 21-7) to win the gold medal. In the other semi-final, Singapore’s Hee Yong Kai Terry and Tan Wei Han will take on Malaysia’s Kian Meng and Lai Pei Jeng.

cycling: With 47km remaining in the women’s cycling road race, England’s Anna Henderson and Maddy Leitch lead the peloton, yet to see a meaningful breakaway. Australia’s Grace Brown is also well placed.


Good morning everyoneAnd welcome to the one-day all-day event from Birmingham 2022. The women’s cycling road race has already started, but in the next few hours the women’s 100m hurdles final will take place (10:25am). Men’s 400m (10:45am), Men’s Triple Jump (10:15am), Women’s Javelin (11:35am), 12:40 (Men) and 12:00pm 4x100m relay at 54:00 (ladies). .

Elsewhere, there were England’s women’s semi-final heartbreaks yesterday cricket and netballand they will seek bronze in their match against New Zealand in each sport this morning and lunchtime. There’s also boxing, diving and squash this morning, all before an enchanting night on the track.

To set the mood, check out Sean Ingle’s report on last night’s action at Alexander Stadium. This includes a phenomenal run by Kenya’s Mary Moller leading Keely her Hodgkinson to gold in her 800 m.

Commonwealth Games 2022: Day 10 Cycling, Hockey and Athletics – Live! | | Commonwealth Games 2022

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