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in the studio, They’re just laughing about Dennis Lewis’ nails, and I can confirm I was told that too. I won a gold medal before.

cricket: Yes, South Africa defeated Sri Lanka by 10 wickets, but neither made the final four wickets.

South Africa sneak past Sri Lanka by 10 wickets. Photo: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

cycling: Eash, first Fred Wright takes nearly 10 seconds from Prapp, then Prapp’s bike shakes and he has to grab a second. He doesn’t care about the podium today.

cricket: Chasing a mighty 47 to beat Sri Lanka, South Africa are winning 8-45-0.

Athletics: Canada’s Brendon Rodney won the final 200m heat, with Saint Lucia’s Delan Edwin in second. The semi-finals are tomorrow and the finals are Saturday.

cycling: At the first checkpoint, 8.9km away, Wright leads Australia’s Lucas Prapp by 0.04s. Or, in other words, he’s banging on this one – still has a nailed rider in the hatch.

Athletics: Kenya’s Asamba and Malaysia’s Taib qualified from Heat 7, the latter having the more favorable Nigeria’s Akintra dominating the late door.

Women’s Hockey: England lead Wales 5-0. They qualified from the top of Pool A ahead of India and will face NZ in the semi-finals. Australia completes the quartet.

England's Lily Osley will face Wales' Holly Munro in pool.
England’s Lily Osley will face Wales’ Holly Munro in pool. Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Athletics: Adam Gemili has been struggling lately, but got a great response from the crowd and won his heat over Jamaica’s Kadrian Goldson. And while we’ve been busy elsewhere, Ghana’s Joseph Amour and T&T’s Kyle Gree have been working through their fever. Now he’s 6 out of 8.

cycling: Fred Wright is away. He has a chance to win this one, so we’re watching closely.

cricket: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh South Africa beat Sri Lanka by her 46, her lowest ever T20 score, but the Marisanne Cup isn’t there either.

oh dear.
oh dear. Photo: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

Athletics: Back in the long jump decathlon, Alec Diamond jumped the farthest at 7.66m and placed third overall with 180 points5. However, he was led by Dubler at 7.61m and Victor at his 7.46m, both in his 1840.

Athletics: T&T’s Jereem Richards wins his latest 200m heat and is surprised at how quickly he slows his pace. Eswatini’s Sibusiso Matsenjwa continues home.

cricket: Sri Lanka lost another wicket. They are now 41-8 and his lowest ever T20 score is 57.

Athletics: Zharnel Hughes, who won the Gold Coast 200m and was disqualified for impeding the runner-up, eased the heat by gliding across the field. He then said this was his event and the crowd was great.As it goes, he looks good.

cycling: The men’s time trial is away. Geraint Thomas, who just finished third on the Tour, is involved, but England’s Dan Bigham and Fred Wright and Australia’s Rohan Dennis would have a word to say.

Finn Crockett of Scotland begins the time trial.
Finn Crockett of Scotland begins the time trial. Photo: Jason Cairnduff/Reuters

cricket: Sri Lanka beat South Africa 12.4-40-7 on all fronts. This can be embarrassing.

hockey: Grace Balsdon scored second and England scored third. The hosts look to be in good shape, though bigger games are ahead.

Athletics: Pakistan’s Abbas won the second heat of the men’s 200m, while Nigeria’s Onwzrike, who was leading at just 19 years old and was a big contender, could have suffered an injury. He’s still managing second, but that’s a concern.

Women’s Hockey: With 12 minutes remaining in Q3, England lead Wales 2-0.

Athletics: There are eight of these, with Cmaeround’s Emanuel Eseme winning the first at 20.44. T&T’s Dwight St. Hilaire is his second qualifier.

Athletics: The decathlon long jump has yet to be shown, but in the 100m Cedric Doubler behind Lyndon Victor reversed the order. With both men achieving their bests of the season, we still have shots from this morning that will put us closer to the top of the rankings.

Australia's Cedric Dubler took the lead in the decathlon long jump.
Australia’s Cedric Dubler took the lead in the decathlon long jump. Photo: John Sibley/Reuters

Athletics: Wightman says it was the first time he felt like himself when he was announced as the 1500m world champion. He originally planned to run the 800m here, but then he thought it would be nice to finish twice his meter-mile.

Athletics: There are eight men in the frame and they enter the home straight so the world champions come out and power home. Jake Wightman won and looks confident. It’s amazing what a gold medal can do. He says he’s worked hard on his endurance to make finishing easier, and that’s how he runs. England’s Matthew Stoner was his second, Kenya’s Abel Kipsang his third, Scotland’s Neil Gorey his fourth and New Zealand’s Samuel Tanner his fifth.

Athletics: This second 1,500m heat goes slower than a middle-aged man after a night out. No chance for the fastest loser to come from here, so Paulson advances to the finals.

Athletics: Australia’s Ollie Hoare won the heat, while Timothy Cheruiyot finished second for the Olympic and Commonwealth silver medalists. Hayward was his third, Tokyo bronze medalist Josh Kerr of Scotland was her fourth and England’s Elliott Giles was her fifth. Canada’s William Paulson will have to wait and see.

Athletics: Welsh Hayward leads the first head, with Australia’s Hoare behind him. We have a group of 6, 5 qualified, and he has 2 fastest losers in two heats.

Women’s Hockey: England scored a goal to put Wales ahead 1–0, but as I was reliving Wightman’s ludicrous gold medal, I wasn’t quite sure who scored and how. please forgive me.

Athletics: I should have said, the women’s 200m qualifying is over. But instead there is a qualifier for the men’s 1500 m. There are two and the second one is Scotland’s Jake Wightman, the New World Champion! What a sentence!

Australia’s Grace Brown wins time trial

She was 33.35 seconds faster than England’s Anna Henderson, who won silver, and Georgia Williams of New Zealand took bronze.

Grace Brown wins Australian Women's Individual Time Trial!
Grace Brown wins Australian Women’s Individual Time Trial! Photo: David Davies/PA

Women’s Hockey: England and Wales are 0-0 with 1.30 remaining in the first quarter.

cycling: England’s Henderson completely punished this time trial. She finished and is leading with a time of 40:38.55. But Australia’s Grace Her Brown is still there and although her sprint at home is brutal, she looks strong and she has a good chance of winning gold.

Athletics: Canada’s Natasha McDonald breezes into the next round of the Women’s 200.

Commonwealth Games 2022: Day 7 Athletics, Cycling & More – LIVE! | | Commonwealth Games 2022

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