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decathlon: The men’s decathlon is also getting excited with the remaining 3 events. We tackle pole vaulting, but it’s always fun to face it. I love seeing that pole bend and twang.

After seven events, defending champion Lyndon Victor of Grenada leads the pack with 5989 points.

This is 52 points ahead of Australian Cedric Dubler, who leads compatriot Daniel Golubovich by 70 points.

Long jump: England’s Abigail Irozul fouled twice in her long jump heat, and both times saw the dreaded red flags. She will make a nervous third jump…

Teammates Jazmin Sawyers and Lorraine Ugen made it to the finals. Can Irozuru join them? She can!

A jump of 6.59 put the 32-year-old into the finals. She still pushed the clay (is that a phrase?) but just inches from another foul and brave. A trio of British jumpers in the final.

Netball: A blast of “Uptown Funk” from the NEC arena between Scotland and Northern Ireland. As the players came up for the third quarter, the sounds of Mark Ronson and his cronies were soon replaced by rat-like squealing and trainers squealing on the lacquered court floor. A tight game, Scotland now lead their Celtic rivals 25-21.

Athletics: Great comments from Steve Crum when he called the next women’s 1500m heat. Finish Her line had a body wall and Scotland’s Jemmary Key was struggling to find a way out of the puck on the line. 6th place. It looks like she might miss out on qualifying.

England’s Katie Snowden and Australia’s Jessica Hull, who are in the final alongside Uganda’s Winnie Nanyondo, Kenya’s Winnie Chebet and Canada’s Lucia Stafford, have no such problem.

Athletics: Television coverage is a bit delayed, but it did show that Scotland’s Laura Muir finished fourth in the 1500m qualifying. She will advance to Sunday’s final with her time of 4:14.11.

Thanks Luke and g’day guys. Another full day in Birmingham with all the devices sending out various track, field and error bowl events. let’s do this

it’s all from me For the time being, I’ll leave you in the capable hands of James Wallace for the next bit.

Tonia CouchAs a commentator for the BBC, I sympathize with Laugher’s plight with not being able to sleep last night. All this reminds me of a good story from Asif Kapadia’s Maradona documentary: a teammate he roomed with before the 1986 World Cup final (I can’t remember his name now) was a big match. He described how Maradona said the night before : ‘I have a game tomorrow, let’s go to bed’ and two minutes later I was snoring. I think he has a winning mentality.

Jack Laugher Speaking to the BBC after winning his second gold medal in a matter of days:Last night, and buzz and excitement doing very well at 1m …I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight. ”

Anthony Harding You will be asked how you feel you have coped with the pressure. i could have been better. The last few years have been tough…I’ve worked hard so I’ve had to be patient…Thanks to Jack for trusting me…I hope I can do better. ”

England’s Harding and Laugher win gold in men’s synchronized 3m springboard diving

A dominant display from the British duo and it’s gold…

1) Laughter and Harding (England) 438.33
2) Puteh & Gilbert Daim (Malaysia) 376.77
3) Lee and Flickr (Australia) 374.52

synchronicity. Photo: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

Men’s Decathlon: Defending champion Lyndon Victor (Grenada) regained the overall lead with a 46.54 m discus throw.

Lyndon Victor of Grenada.
Lyndon Victor of Grenada. Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters

Athletics: The men’s 4x400m relay heats have started on the track. A fun event to watch…

Botswana, Jamaica and Zambia took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and the competition was fierce. Botswana’s winning time is his 3:05.11.

diving: The crowd gathers in the pool for the men’s synchronized 3m springboard final.

England’s Anthony Harding and Jack Laffer pair lead with a very healthy score of 189.12 over three dives. Malaysian duo Yiwei Chew and Tze Liang Ooi are second with 170.70.

Netball: Scotland and Northern Ireland are looking to enter the playoffs in 9th place. Trinidad and Tobago defeated Barbados to place him 11th overall.

Athletics: Northern Ireland’s Ciara Mageean won the first heat in 4 minutes and 13.52 seconds. Abby Caldwell (Australia) was her second, Edina Jebitok (Kenya) her third, Linden Hall (Australia) her fourth and Scotland’s Laura Muir her fifth. Wales’ Melissa Courtney Bryant looks to have missed out on sixth.

Athletics: In the first women’s 1500m preliminaries, Muir was at the back of the field in the closing stages of the race (with the exception of the Lesotho man who was miles behind) and was in danger of not qualifying, but he accelerated into the final straight and finished fifth. …or was it the fourth?

Athletics: Laura Muir is currently out on track in her 1500m heat.

Lawn Bowl: England eventually won the women’s pairs quarter-final 18-14.

England's Sophie Torchard.
England’s Sophie Torchard. Photo: Bradley Collyer/PA

diving: Next is the men’s synchronized 3m springboard final.

diving: Women’s 1m springboard preliminaries finished.

Canada’s Mia Vallee is bottom of tonight’s final with 292.20, while England’s Yasmine Harper is second with 274.60. Esther Qin (Australia) scored 266.95 and she was third.

Scotland’s Grace Reed was fifth with 259.10 and Amy Rawlinson (237.50) was sixth.

The final is scheduled to start at 6:05pm UK time.

Mia Vallee of Canada.
Mia Vallee of Canada. Photo: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

Kenya beats Ghana in women’s hockey ninth place play-off

Ninth place may be ‘just’, but it meant the world for Kenya, who tied the game with three minutes remaining and defeated Ghana in a shootout in sudden death!

Kenya's Flavia Mutiva celebrates with teammates after scoring a second-half equalizer against Ghana.
Kenya’s Flavia Mutiva celebrates with teammates after scoring a second-half equalizer against Ghana. Photo: Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Women’s Netball: In the 11th and 12th place playoffs, Trinidad and Tobago beat Barbados 63-31.

Scotland v Northern Ireland will be next, with the 9th place play-off at 11:30 am.

Women’s Hockey: Ghana and Kenya will draw 2-2 in the fourth quarter to decide who will finish 10th and 9th overall. Wales v South Africa, scheduled for 11:15am UK time, will be a battle for seventh place.

Tonight, England will face New Zealand in their first semi-final (6pm UK time), while Australia v India will face Great Britain at 8:15pm.

After going full-time at 2-2 in the Ghana vs Kenya game and Kenya leveling with three minutes remaining, it went into the penalty shootout!

hockey, table tennis, para table tennis, and diving are also currently in progress. If you believe the live schedule on the official website.

In the women’s bowling pair, England extended their lead to five points at one point, but when India counterattacked with three simultaneous shots, it suddenly became 14-12.


good morning. Welcome to Day 8. what’s going on today?

There are diving, wrestling, track and field. Now on Her Majesty’s BBC1, England (Sophie Truchard and Amy Pharaoh) lead India (Lovely Choubey and Nayan Moni Saikia) 13-9 after 13 finishes in the women’s pairs quarter-finals. , Loan her bowl.

let’s do this…

Commonwealth Games 2022: Day 8 Laugher and Harding Win Gold in Athletics and More – LIVE! | | Commonwealth Games 2022

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