Commonwealth Games 2022 Hockey Australia Kookaburra v India Live Scores, Results, Medal Count, Additional Player Confusion

Kookaburra’s quest for perfection began.

The men’s hockey team, chasing a staggering seventh gold medal in seven attempts at the Commonwealth Games, will face India in the heat at the University of Birmingham.

The win not only brings Australia’s historic medal tally to 1,001 Commonwealth Gold, but also makes Eddie Ockenden a four-time medalist.

who will win? You can get all the goals and big moments from the gold medal match.

Game over!

Australia wins.

Australia have now won seven consecutive Commonwealth Games men’s hockey titles.

It should have been a record eight goal difference, but Tom Wickham’s finish was a kiss from the back of his stick.

Kookaburra is a champion.

AUS 7-0 IND — Ogilvy, 46 feet

Australia and India have met 126 times, Kookaburra 84 times, India 22 times, and the rest are draws. Australia has won twice, 8-0.

They need one more to match, and two to break the record, after Flynn Ogilvie slammed the ball in the back post to become the fifth-most scorer in the game. The Australian thwarted gunkeeper Andrew Charter to give Johan Durst a chance to play in the gold medal game.

3/4 hours — Australia 6-0 IND

What more can you say about this Kookaburra costume?

They are an unstoppable force today, and Olympic bronze medalists India have barely been in the contest since Blake Govers scored in the ninth minute.

The only surprise of the day was that it took quite a while to get on the scoreboard. Since then it’s been a one-way street, as Australia really threatens a record final margin of the game 8-0.

Australia added one goal in the third quarter and it was an absolute peach.

Nathan Ephraum grabbed a double with an outrageous backstick deflection against Indian keeper PR Sreejesh.

The dire situation was exacerbated by captain Manpreet’s remaining on the field after blows to the neck and shoulder in the second quarter.

AUS 6-0 IND — Ephram, 42′

That’s insane.

Flynn Ogilvie used a reverse Tomahawk to inject the ball into the attacking circle, and Nathan Efraumz touched the ball (in reverse) and kissed it past the keeper, making it a 6.

In fact, the Indians were much better in the lead-up, but one brilliance ruined them.

The Australian record for Comm Games is 8-0, which is very dangerous.

Hockey needs a rule of mercy…

Halftime — Australia 5-0 IND

This is quickly turning into a carnage at the University of Birmingham.

Australia rioted and could soon threaten their record 8-0 winning percentage from the 2010 game that destroyed India.

The Kookaburras were more than half ahead at half-time, with two from Tom Wickham and Jacob Anderson adding second quarter goals to extend their lead to five.

This juggernaut was unstoppable at this point and Anderson feasted on scraps after another blistering penalty corner save from PR Sreejesh.

In the shadows of halftime, Wickham nutmegged the keeper when he deflected Tim Brand’s pass onto goal, and the rout became official 90 seconds later when Anderson fired his second shot via a fun backstick shot. started.

To make matters worse for India, captain Manpreet Singh injured his shoulder after a collision with Australia’s Aaron Zarevski.

AUS 5-0 IND — Anderson, 27 minutes

We’re 5 in less than half an hour — Jacob Anderson has 2 after doing some clinical stuff on the D. The Indian defense left much to be desired with PR Sreejesh always under the pump in goal. Gold is from Australia. We will never go back from here.

AUS 4-0 IND — Wickham, 26 feet

Tom Wickham missed one point. Indian captain Manpreet Singh was injured in the throat after witty Aaron scored his second best in a collision with his Zarevski elbow.

And now we are all confused.

The Indian had a green card to Nilakantha Sharma, meaning he only had ten men on the field. They then made a sub, with Manpreet back on the field, raising concerns that there were too many of them.

According to the referee, it is not.

“There are no extra players on the pitch, only injured players. They just replaced it,” said one referee.

“It was all about players hitting bottom and hitting bottom.”

There are protests from the Kookaburra, but they fall on deaf ears.

AUS 3-0 IND — Anderson, 23 minutes

It’s 3-0 but PR Sreejesh is actually playing a good game in goal. The Australian is totally inspired in his goals, and while his saves from the penalty corner are classy, ​​they aren’t classy enough to stop Jacob Anderson from tapping home after a butter-up.

Quarter Time — AUS 2-0 IND

After a sensational 15 minutes, the Kookaburra started off with a dream start for Australia’s quest for perfection with a 2-0 lead at quarter time to kick off the final.

Goals from Blake Govers and Nathan Efraums gave Australia an early breather despite an impressive performance from Indian keeper PR Three Jesh.

After saving two penalty corners for India, Gubbers scored an unstoppable shot, but it was Australia’s second goal that wowed the crowd.

Flynn Ogilvie smashed a goalbound chance after Daniel Beale and Josh Beltz played a classy one-two on the right.

AUS 2-0 IND — Ephram, 14′

End-to-end stuff and Kookas show how devastating they are on the counter. The ball pinned all over the right flank and ended with a kiss by an unmarked Nathan Efraumz behind the goalkeeper. Here are the danger signs for India, but they were probably there before the game even started.

AUS 1-0 IND — Gubbers, 9′

Australia dominated the opening minutes, with penalty corner king Blake Govers scoring first.

It’s a less rocket-dragged flick that Three Jesh pulls off well, but it ends up crossing the line despite the Indian goalkeeper’s desperation.

Heavy metal hockey: Australians out to defend extraordinary record

Australia banged, thumped, thumped on their way to a gold medal match, but it hasn’t always been this way.

The Kookaburra scored 29 goals in an undefeated pool stage and beat England 3-2 in Saturday’s semi-final. They have established themselves as not only one of the most feared teams on the planet, but also the most exciting.

Australia has won men’s gold medals at every Commonwealth Games since hockey was introduced in Kuala Lumpur in 1998 and wants to continue this tradition. Monday’s final (9:30 PM AEST) against India.

But don’t be fooled. Birmingham 2022 is something else.

In the words of Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, they are heavy metal hockey.

Klopp coined the nickname Full Metal Football for his attacking Reds. He took Germany’s Gegenpress and turned it into an all-out attack that demanded goals above all else.

“Wave one hand after the other. If the first three don’t work out, the next three will keep you rolling,” said the Koka Blass assistant and avid Liverpool fan. One Anthony Potter explains to News Corp.

Australia isn’t particularly Kropp-inspired, but their methodology still holds true, including a vibrant counter-attacking style that offers an electric attacking style.

“Sounds like us. Heavy metal hockey? I like the sound,” Australia’s Jake Wetton, owner of two goals in the tournament, told News Corp. .

under attack

Addressing a holistic attack approach does not come naturally. This is the result of his five-year strategy by his staff at Kookaburra’s three pillars of coaching. And while it’s Potter who manages the “with the ball” nature of their play, fellow assistant Rob his Hammond focus is what the Kookaburra’s do without the ball. The ball – specifically how to get it back. And then head coach Colin, who oversees everything while creating a plan A, B, C, D. He batch.

And Potter, in addition to the cultural accolades of the entire Liverpool team, and their dedication to playing attacking football, you can also see the similarities, noting their adaptability.

“If we can’t defend, we can’t attack because we don’t have the ball, so we defend well,” Potter explains.

“We’ve been around for five years and we’ve developed a lot of ways to play. ‘This is our vision of being a great hockey team. What do you think?’ ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’

“So the next question we asked the group was, ‘Well, we need to be skilled enough to play in different ways.’ And there was silence because the players were thinking. , we are ranked 2nd in the world. We are pretty good!

“Hmm no. Because we think you can do better. Much better.”

“[At the time]we were playing with great power and passion, but it was a one way game. And we wanted to play five or six ways at the moment. ”

It was fully demonstrated in a tense semi-final win against England. Australia fell behind her 2-0 in the early minutes but came back as the winner with just 10 minutes remaining.

“We were going all out…we didn’t play our best but Ugley can win too. That’s a good sign,” said striker Blake Govers.

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Commonwealth Games 2022 Hockey Australia Kookaburra v India Live Scores, Results, Medal Count, Additional Player Confusion

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