Commonwealth Games: Ariarne Titmus talks Cody Simpson and Kyle Chalmers about the love triangle that emotionally impacts the team

Ariarne Titmus says the focus on so-called swimming ‘triangles’ at the Commonwealth Games has taken a toll on the entire team.

“It’s affecting us emotionally,” she said on Channel 10. project on thursday.

The Australian team’s success in Birmingham has been overshadowed by speculation about the relationship between Kyle Chalmers, Emma McKeon and Cody Simpson.

Chalmers and McKeon dated for several months. Their relationship only became common knowledge in September.

However, it was revealed in May that Simpson and McKeon had become a couple and had even moved in together during training camp.

The 4x100m mixed relay team celebrated their gold medal swims on the pool deck, and during Saturday morning’s medal presentation, sprint champion Chalmers and Olympic legend McKeon shunned each other as they shunned each other. Rumors of discord surfaced.

Great Australian swimmer James Magnussen described how McKeon and Chalmers were swimming politely. “Awkward” and distance from each other.

Chalmers was the only member of the Australian team not to walk up to the starting blocks to congratulate McKeon after he touched the wall to clinch a relay win. However, McKeon was the last swimmer out of the pool and had to catch up with his teammates.

All three say there is absolutely no friction between them.

“It affects us emotionally”

Swimming legend Titmus is here project on Thursday after winning four gold medals in pool and helping break the world record in the 4x200m freestyle relay..

She was asked if the “love triangle” was negatively affecting her team’s performance.

“We’ve certainly heard about it and it’s affected us emotionally because it affects our teammates,” she told host Georgie Tunney.

“But I think we’re trying to block that. We’re a very tight-knit unit and want to have each other’s backs, and I think we’ve done that this week.

“It affected us because we want everyone to be happy and we don’t want to go through those things, but we certainly got through it.”

Titmus: ‘Really proud’ of victory

Titmus said she was “modestly confident” she could win four gold medals, but was nonetheless overjoyed at her victory.

“It’s crazy. I’m really proud and very happy,” she told the organizers.

Grant Hackett revealed earlier this week that the trio at the center of a love triangle were sitting together Over the storm that swirled around them in the game.

He said the media frenzy really affected the three swimmers and all wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

“They’re professionals, they’re teammates, they get along with each other, they respect each other when it’s necessary, they go out and perform for their country, they support each other,” he said at Nine’s. Told. today’s show.

“This is back at the Commonwealth Games trials a few months ago, and the three of us cleaned it up.

“Kyle said very bluntly that this is a pile of garbage,” said Hackett.

“Nobody had a problem. They couldn’t believe the commotion around it.”

in the meantime Simpson’s mother says she believes swimmers aren’t just well-equipped Deal with media scrutiny.

During an interview with Channel 7 sunriseAngie Simpson claimed that her son, who was previously dating American singer Miley Cyrus, doesn’t mind the constant media attention.

“I think he’s been lucky because he’s had a lot of history with the press and the media and he’s played for thousands of people on stage,” she told AEST Wednesday morning. .

“I think the pressure he’s been dealing with at camp and at the Commonwealth Games has been pretty easy on him.

“It gave him an advantage in dealing with a lot of pressure and didn’t let it bother him.”

first published as Ariarne Titmus says Commonwealth Games’ ‘triangle’ affects team ’emotionally’

Commonwealth Games: Ariarne Titmus talks Cody Simpson and Kyle Chalmers about the love triangle that emotionally impacts the team

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